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silicone rubber

Writer:Hong Date:2013-03-20

There are more and more products using silicone rubber to make. Silastic many advantages may be a lot of friends do not quite understand. Silicone rubber is a polymer new materials, the product has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, electrical performance, physical inertia and other series, widely used in various fields of aviation, aerospace, electrical and electronic, automotive, machinery, household and other , with a wide range of market space and good prospects for development.
  Silicone rubber has been widely used in various industries:
 Conductive silicone keys, general industrial, civil silicone rubber products;

   (1) a variety of silicone tube, catheter, heat seal, heat-resistant wire and cable sheathing;

   (2) low-hardness silicone products, foam silicone products, bathing cap, etc.;

    Food, medical devices molded plastic, etc.;

    Used in the manufacture of general industrial or civilian colored silicone rubber products;

    (5) for the manufacture of colored conduit, wire, cable sheathing;

   Six kinds of silicone rubber products;

   7 for the high-voltage insulators, surge arresters, jackets and other products;

   8 for the TV high pressure cap, an electric outlet, rubber and flame retardant products.

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