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Silicone gel,Silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone gel

silicone gel,silicone rubber     Silicone gel in vulcanization are colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid, products are divided into A, B two components packaging, when using A, B components are mixed according to a certain proportion, in the certain problem can be vulcanized to colorless transparent elastomer, vulcanization adhesive with low viscosity for perfusion, sulfur of no heat, no low molecular release, shrinkage of small, no corrosion. Vulcanized rubber in -60~ +180℃ for long-term use, with moisture-proof, waterproof, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, weathering resistance and other characteristics, excellent electric performance, good chemical stability, mechanical performance is good.

     Silicone gel for the electronic components of the potting, adhesive coating materials, moisture, insulation, shockproof function, also can be used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass. The reference of silicone gel technology indicators are : 1 the appearance of the 2 kinematic viscosity of 3 gel time 4 Machinery Magazine 5 transmittance 6 tensile strength 7 shore hardness 8 dielectric coefficient 9 breakdown strength.

    The method of using silicone gel, before use, should first be potting, coating or adhesive components and cleaning the surface, to remove surface oil and other magazines ( available alcohol, acetone and other organic solvent cleaning ), then by certain proportion, the two components in the clean container said, fully mixed evenly, in a vacuum to exclude compound bubble, can use operation ( such as coating or adhesive ). If used for potting, should be injected in the glue, potting parts to be performed again vacuum exhaust bubble, and then vulcanizing.

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