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        • Product Name: Screen printing silicone rubber for glass fabric coating silicone textile coating
        • Product No.: HY-4120, HY-4130
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: Silk screen printing silicone rubber can be firmly adhered to the surface of textiles.
        • Commodity price: Negotiable
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        Silk screen printing silicone rubber can be firmly adhered to the surface of textiles by screen printing. Widely used in textile printing of clothing, socks, hats, gloves, etc. It’s platinum cure liquid silicone rubber, FDA food grade, non-toxic, odorless.

        It can be operated more easily without additives, suitable for both manual and mechanized.


        Textile coating silicone rubber is widely used in garment factories; garment accessories factories; printing and embossing factories; hat factories; shoes factories; socks factories, bags and handbags factories; craft gifts factories; embroidery factories; marking and ribbon factories, etc.


        1) Environmental protection/non-toxicity, FDA food grade silicone

        2)High viscosity, not easy to penetrate

        3)Can set color (multi-layer color), do not fall off when set color, pattern is not single, can form different patterns, silicone printing trend leads the fashion field.

        4)Various effects can be printed (bright or matte, round or right-angled effect, thick or thin, large or small patterns), strong stereoscopic effect, soft handle and strong adhesion.

        5)High wear resistance, brightness and washability

        6)Can firmly adhere to the surface of textiles, non-woven fabrics, dermis, imitation leather and other materials.

        7)The effect of wool pressing is good.

        8)Solve the problem of firmness of leather and waterproof fabric effectively

        9)Printing gloves, clothing, paper, sports goods, etc., cold and heat resistance, skid resistance, silk-printed patterns have a strong three-dimensional feel, and feel soft, and complement each other with textiles or leather goods; silk-printed patterns also have excellent peeling strength, wear resistance, brightness; it also has water-proof, skid-proof, breathable, high resistance, low temperature. And good leveling.

        10)Super elasticity, in the normal range of elasticity of the fabric does not fall off, cracking. Printing patterns do not decolor, do not re-dye (not sublimate).

        11)Good air permeability, outside water, oil and other pollutants can not enter, while the inside of the hot air can be permeable.


        5.Advantages of Hong Ye Silicone
        1) 21 years rtv2 silicone factory
        2) Exported since 2006
        3) Exports to 138 countries
        4) 14 years on, 12 years on, a trustworthy company
        5) 12 experts of R&D, QC staffs
        6) 6000 square meter factory
        7) Free training of silicone technique
        8) Free silicone samples
        9) Return and exchange are accepted while quality problems occurred 

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