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        • Product Name: Special food grade silica gel for silicone mask
        • Product No.: HY-MJ2120
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: Liquid silicone rubber for making mask
        • Commodity price: negotiable
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        Mask has become a hot spot in our current hot spot. Why does it rise? It has even been heated by everyone. Including the chain events of poor material supply caused by this, we also have points in our mind. I will not make detailed explanation and Analysis on this. Next, I will focus on another new material for mask production - environmental protection food grade silicone rubber


        Description of food grade silicone rubber for masks:

        Special food grade silica gel for masks is also called two-component silica gel. It is composed of two parts: a component is silica gel, B component is silica gel containing curing agent; the two components are mixed in proportion of 1:1.


        Use of food grade silicone rubber for masks:

        Special food grade siliconel for mask is mainly used for manufacturing silicone mask, food grade silicone products, high-grade products, etc.


        Special food grade silica gel for mask features:

        1. It has excellent high temperature resistance, and the temperature can reach 220 ℃ to 250 ℃. (in other words, the mask made of this silica gel can be sterilized at high temperature to achieve the effect of sterilization. After sterilization, it can also be recycled. The terminal can save costs and does not pollute the environment.)

        2. The material itself is non-toxic and tasteless, and has passed the FDA addition molding certification.

        3. The raw materials for mask production in the market are scarce and the cost is high. Replacing with silica gel can not only relieve the pressure of mask manufacturers who can not buy raw materials, but also reduce the production cost


        Operation method of food grade silicone rubber for mask:

        Mix component A and component B as 1:1, pour them after vacuum defoaming, cure them for 48h at room temperature, and cure them in tens of minutes at 80-120 ° C.

        Special food grade silica gel packaging for masks:

        Component a 25, 200kg / barrel

        25 and 200kg / barrel of component B shall be transported as non dangerous goods, with sealed storage period of 1 year at room temperature.

        Storage and transportation of food grade silica gel for masks:

        Silica gel should be stored in room temperature, dry bath and sealed container. Do not contact with water to prevent deterioration.

        This product is transported without dangerous goods.


        Precautions for food grade silicone rubber for masks:

        Do not contact this silica gel with any other condensed silica gel, otherwise, it will cause curing agent poisoning, resulting in the phenomenon that silica gel will not cure. Water, impurity, organotin catalyst, acid, alkali and other organic matters with sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen can affect the curing of the adhesive, and these substances cannot be mixed or contacted during use.

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