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        • Product Name: SS-598 Heavy Bodied Automotive Silicone RTV Gasket Maker
        • Product No.: SS-598
        • Brand: Silicone Solutions
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        Product Description
               SS-598 is a fast curing, heavy bodied silicone RTV adhesive rubber. This product was developed for applications requiring fast development of physical properties and fast unprimed adhesion. SS-598 is a 1-Part silicone that allows handling of the bonded assembly within one hour of application to the substrate. When cured, the elastomer resists typical automotive fluids and high temperatures. SS-598 works well in manual and automatic dispensing equipment.  
        Product Features
        1.Fast R.T. cure
        2.Thixotropic, heavy bodied paste
        3.Excellent unprimed adhesion to most plastics, metal and glass
        4.Very fast onset of adhesion
        5.High temperature resistance
        6.Non-corrosive oxime cure
        7.Temperature range -45 to 260℃
        Typical Applications
        1.Form in place gaskets
        2.Adhesive Sealant
        3.Automotive assembly and MRO
        Typical Properties



        Viscosity, cps             


        Specific Gravity               


        Consistency :      

        thixotropic paste

        Working time, mins. @ R.T.:     


        Tack Free Time, mins. @ R.T.:    


        CURED - R.T.    

        Cured -24 Hrs. @ R.T. 

        Tensile Strength, PSI         


        Elongation, %               


        Durometer, Shore A             


        Peel Strength, PPI              


        Tear Strength, PLI             


               SS-598 is available in 10.3 oz. cartridges,  50 lb. pails and 500 lb. drums. This product is also available in customer defined packaging sizes, upon request.
              Sealed containers are guaranteed for 1 year from the ship date when stored in a cool dry area below 70 F.