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        • Product Name: SS-6002S VERY FAST HEAT CURE Self-Leveling Silicone RTV Adhesive Coating
        • Product No.: SS-6002S
        • Brand: Silicone Solutions
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        Product Description
               SS-6002S  is a 1-part silicone RTV developed for conformal coating and seam filling applications.  SS-6002S offers unprimed adhesion to many metals and plastics.  When cured, SS-6002S results in a very flexible and durable silicone adhesive coating. The elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures.
        Product Features
        1.Very fast heat cure
        2.Neutral Cure
        3.Self-leveling liquid
        4.Adhesion to metals and many plastics
        5.Temperature range -45 to 250℃
         Typical Applications
        1.Conformal coating
        2.Industrial coating and sealing
        3.Thin section potting & encapsulation
        Typical Properties

        Viscosity, cps                 


        Specific Gravity              


        Consistency :     

         self leveling liquid

        Tack Free Time, mins. @ R.T.:  


        Tack Free Time, mins. @ 150C: 

        <30 secs.

        CURED - R.T. 


        Tensile Strength, PSI           


        Elongation, %                 


        Durometer, Shore A             


        Peel Strength, PPI              


        Color:  Clear in thin films
        (Custom colors available upon request)
            SS-6002S is available in 8 lb. containers, 40 lb. pails and 440 lb. drums. This product is also available in customer defined packaging sizes, upon request.
           Sealed containers are guaranteed for 6 months from the ship date when stored in a cool dry area below 70 F