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        • Product Name: Repenetrable Silicone Gel
        • Product No.: SS-6139
        • Brand: Silicone Solutions
        • Product Usage: develop for electronic applications requiring a repenetrable self-sealing, silicone gel product.
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        Product Description
           SS-6139 is a room temperature curing silicone RTV gel developed for electronic applications requiring a repenetrable self-sealing, silicone gel product.SS-6139 is a two part, 1:1 mix ratio silicone that when mixed at room temperature, cures overnight or when exposed to heat results cures in 15 minutes.


        Product Features
        1.Self-sealing over a long life
        2.Excellent repenetrability and conformation to plastic, metal and glass parts
        3.Convenient 1:1 mix ratio

        Typical Applications
        1.Assemblies requiring inspection with probes
        2.Electronic component vibration, shock and thermal insulation
        3.Dust and moisture protection in a thick barrier coating
        4.Transparent dielectric insulation

        Color:  Transparent Blue
        (Custom colors available upon request)

        Typical Properties


         Part A     

         Part B

        Viscosity, cps    



        Specific Gravity   



        Consistency mixed:  

        light liquid

        Pot-life @ R.T.:        


        Cure time @ R.T.:           


        Cure time @ 150 C      

        15 minutes

        Dielectric Strength, KV/mm    


        Dielectric Constant            


        Dissipation Factor           


        Volume Resistivity        


        Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  



          SS-6139 is available in 50 ml. dual syringes, one pound kits, 16 lb. kits and 80 lb. kits.


           Sealed containers are guaranteed for 1 year from the ship date when stored in a cool dry area below 70 F.

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