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Certificate for silicone rubber Certificate for silicone rubber


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        Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1998, is a well-known manufacturer & supplier of silicone material in China. Combining the power of science and technology, Hongye Corp. is determined to make the places where people live and work better for all, create more value for human progress, undertake social responsibility, and foster a quality of life for today and for future generations.  

        RTV-2 molding silicone rubber

        RTV-2 molding silicone rubberRTV-2 molding and casting supplies serve as the raw material for casting molds, which can form cured silicone elastomer characterized by deformation,RTV-2 silicone rubber ,the resistance to chemicals,extreme temperature,expansion.andacid & alkali  is mainly applicable forsculpture mold,resin mold(unsaturated, molds for art crafts and candle,shoe soles,tyre,poly),plaster & gypsum mold,artwork gifts,stationery,GRC productetcarchitectural decoration mold prototyping.

        pad Printing Silicone Rubber

        pad Printing Silicone RubberAs a silicone supplier in China for so many years, we have developed our product line to meet the requirements from a lot of niche markets. For instance, we have designed some silicone rubber material for casting silicone pads (Silicone pad is a carrier which transfer the patterns on the steel plate onto the toy products surface.)which requires to be pureand good printing effectand characterized byexcellent wearability.It is gifts,used forspherical surface of  printing irregular,mainly patternsplastic toys on the plain artwork and orstationery and so on.

        Manual Mold Design Silicone Rubber

        Manual Mold Design Silicone RubberThis type of product is generally used for melting-point alloy mold making, melting-point alloy mold making,etc.It is also suitable for craftwork, gift & stationery,shoe sole mold production,cpad printing orientation,alloy toy crafts,PVC plastic mold making,plastic toys,arge-size sculpture,ement product mould,electronic appliances vibration resistance,etc. Characteristics for the products are:low shrinkage,good elasticity,no deformation of the mould,etc.

        HTV silicone rubber

        HTV silicone rubberWe supply HTV material for global customers. HTV materials apply to many fields and industries, such as control TV remote metal crafts,TV remote metal crafts, keycaphot stamping, PC keycap electronic product,mobile telephone keycap silicone roller, etc.

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