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How to Make a Silicone Pad?

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-22

The silicone pad is a carrier which transfers the patterns from the steel plate onto the products' surface. It has the advantage of good printing effects, good quality, good resilience, and without any impurity.


Operation for making a silicon pad:

 1) At first, prepare all the tools like the pad mold, a cup for mixing, and a glass stick. Clean the pad mould with detergent, and dry the pad mould with an air-gun or cloth, then brush a lay of mold release agent.

 2) For second step, adjust the ratio between the silicon rubber and silicon oil according the customer’s requirement. If customers want to print large pattern, soft silicon pad need and silicon oil need to add, otherwise, hard silicone pad need, less silicone oil to add or none.

 3) Then add the curing agent which is 2%-3% of the total weight of the silicone and silicone oil, mix them evenly and completely.

 4) Pour 1/3 mixed silicone into the mold slowly, then take the all mixed silicon to de-air for 3-5minutes (the standard is subject to the manometer shows -0.1) to remove the bubbles.

 5) Take out the remain de-aired silicone and pour the rest silicone into the mold.

 6) Cover the wooden board when it is about to react as cross-link in 8-10 minutes.

 7) Next, to demould after 4 hours and to shave the fringe with razor blade.

 8) Till now, the mold is completed and it can be used after 8 hours, it's better for 24 hours.


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That's all for how to make a silicone pad. If any more information required, please feel free to contact with me at or visit for our website:, thank you!

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