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Why the shelf life of your silicone mold is short ?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2016-07-13

The shelf life of your silicone mold is up to three factors as following :
1, The quality of silicone rubber :
Good quality silicone rubber need to has higher tear-strength and tensile-strength, and the silicone mold will be not oily .

While for poor quality silicone rubber, the silicone mold will be oily and it is easily to tear it up.
2,The molding skill :
We can just use the mold after the silicone cured fully , the mold is easy to broken if the silicone not cured fully .If the mold

has bubble , that will affect the lifetime of the mold , so we have to release the bubble by vacuum when making the mold. So

we always suggest our customers to use the silicone mold after 24 hours.
3,The hardness of the silicone rubber
For different mold , it is very important to use different silicone with suitable hardness. For example , if we use soft silicone

10 shore A for big size concrete mold , the mold will be easily broken and deformed.
If you have any question about silicone rubber, we are glade to help you. 

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