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A few technical terms of the liquid silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

 Condensation of one-component RTV silicone rubber due to adhesion, widely used in adhesives, sealants, coating materials. Specific application areas cited are as follows:
1.Building sealing formulations
2.Two buildings with elastic coating;
3. runs through the hole airtight seal;
4.sealing highway joints;
5.Automotive stereotypes gasket;
6.Lamps and lamp device is sealed;
7 Insulator Pollution Flashover coating;
8.Substrate moisture-proof coating;
9.Nine fixed components and the substrate bonding;
10 the sealing of the end of the wire;
11 heater insulated parts of the seal;
12 chemical plants, refinery pipes and sealing of the device and plugging.
13 tank seals;Seal
14. Cold storage and refrigerated trucks;
15 conveyor belt surface of the anti-sticking from treatment;
16 household adhesive (tub surrounding the glass surrounding car Buxiu)
How to use:
When used, should be based on contact with the material, bonding or sealing parts of the state and conditions of use requirements and curing conditions and requirements of the appropriate choice of one-component RTV silicone rubber. When necessary, pre-trial test to confirm the curing speed and adhesion.

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