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Operation Instruction of Silicone mold for Cute Candles

Writer:adminSource: Date:2016-10-26


1.Firstly , prepare the necessary tools , wood board, knives, scissors, funnel , etc.


2.Fix the original mold on the wood board. Then roll the clay out. Use the clay to enclose the wood board. The thickness 

of the clay should be uniform. Then use the clay to enclose the original mold. The clay must be close to the mold. Make

the surface of the clay to be smooth, it will be much easier to demold Make two clay pillar, one for pouring the silicone

rubber, the other for releasing the bubbles.


3.Use the paper board to enclose the original moldBrush a layer of release agent on the clay. Take enough gypsum into

the bucket(the mixing ratio of gypsum and water is about 1:1), then stir it evenly. Pour the mixture into the square


4.Remove the paperboard when the gypsum is cured, trim edge of the gypsum mold. Brush a layer of release agent on

the gypsum mold for demolding easily. Clean up the clay and close the gypsum mold


5.Here we use HY-605 silicone rubber, adding 2%-5% curing agent into the silicone rubber, then stir the silicone rubber

and curing agent evenly


6.Vacuum to -0.1MP, which can release bubbles. Then pour the silicone rubber into the gypsum mold. Remove the

gypsum mold when the silicone rubber is cured.


7.Then check and trim the silicone mold with scissors. The silicone mold for candle is finished. We suggest to put the

silicone mold into production after 24 hours. 

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