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Room temperature for molding electronic encapsulants-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

      Room temperature and molding electronic encapsulants is a liquid potting silicone rubber vulcanization molding at room temperature. Potting the flow of liquid, is generally divided into two components of the colloid and vulcanization additives stored, and only need to use when two component material mixture evenly on within a few hours curing. Electronic encapsulants cured well to protect electronic components from water, dust, tidal, thermal injury.     
       In the classification of silicone, there is a classification is to distinguish according to the type of the curing reaction, and this time, silicone is divided into condensation silicone molding and processing silicone. Condensation reaction and addition reaction are chemically polymer material involved in a response to the type of organic polymer material during the time of addition polymerization, there are two common forms of the two molecules combine directly does not produce other waste "type of molecule, called and molding; the other is the combination of two molecules will produce" byproduct "of small molecules, this reaction is called condensation-type reaction. Condensation-type silicone rubber in the curing process will produce small molecules such as water, etc.; and molding of silicone rubber curing reaction does not produce any byproduct material, Generally speaking, forming the silicone rubber is a relatively "clean" silicon rubber. So many high-quality silicone rubber and molding, for example, food grade, medical grade silicone rubber.  

       Electronic potting potting used to do electronic products silicone rubber, the main purpose of the silica gel is liquid silicone rubber filled with electronic products, curing, and thus play the role of insulation, thermal insulation, earthquake, fixed. With more sophisticated electronic products, electronic potting products need to take into account the damage to the components in the curing process, not only the use of the condensation-type electronic potting inconvenient when the curing reaction also produces small molecule byproduct material, including electronic components of some substances will cause unnecessary damage. Therefore increase the molding of electronic potting silicone market is relatively more optimistic.For more information please refer to the leaves silicone!

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