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How to Use Injection Molding Silicone Rubber? Date:2016-11-28


1)Firstly, customer should have an injection machine(plastic injection machine can not used for injection silicone rubber).

2)The injection machine has two tubes for part A and part B, after hydraulic extrusion, the silicone rubber from A and B mixed

evenly in the same tube, then it's be ready for injection molding. The temperature of mold after extrude will be about 150-180℃.



-Small products(earphone, silicone breast, sex products)0-10 shore A.

-Small O-rings 30 shore A, big O-rings 50 shore A, (driving device, medical tube)40-50 shore A, silicone keypad 50 shore A(made

from 40 shore A to 70 shore A), high pressure O-rings 50 shore A, Kitchenware handle 50-60 shore A

-Sports equipment 60-70 shore A, special products 80 shore A(sony camera frame, silicone locating plug)

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