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Silicone rubber for fake breasts Date:2017-03-02

Silicone rubber for fake breasts Performance:
It has good electrical performance, chemical stability with features of waterproof, corrupt resistance, physiological inert,

non-toxic, tastelessness, aging-resistance, easy pouring, easy operation, and completely vulcanization. It can meet

requirement of the Mechanical strength even under a very low hardness. When making printing pads, it will be with low

shrinkage and can keep its initial hardness as original after a long time using. So it is the specially suitable material for life-casting.


Silicone rubber for fake breasts Applications
it is mainly used to make soft silicone products ,such as sex toys, silicone dolls, love dolls, silicone mask, body organs, body

breast enhancers, shoulder pads, paster, trackion ,etc.
Medical grade raw material silicone is a king of nearly-colorless translucent fluid. We can adjust its color as per the request of



Silicone rubber for fake breasts Packaging, storage and transportation:
1. This product need to be packed in clean, dry and sealed steel cans or drums. Part A and B need to be packed separately.

Usually it is packed in 5kg/can, 20 kg/drum, or 200 kg/drum .

2. Please keep the material in a cool and dry place. Specially note that the silicone should not touch or mix with compounds

including nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, tin, lead or metal organic acid. Otherwise, the catalyst will be poisoned, then the silicone

can not be cured or just patricianly cured. For specific precautions, please refer to the instructions in Electronic Potting Silicone part.

3. The goods is NOT subject to IMDG. The shelf life is 18 months from the date of production. And it still can be used after expired, when retest to be qualified.


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