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What’s rubber?

Writer:Hong Date:2017-10-13

What’s rubber?


Rubber is an elastic material.

Slicone rubber, also call silicon, silicone. It has two parts. both of in liquid form, part A is the white silicone, and part B is the transparent curing agent or Platinum curing agent


Two kinds of silicone rubber, one is addition cure silicone rubber with FDA food grade wihch can be used for food mold making, human boby parts making, electronic products potting, textile products, silicone pad for printing. The mixing is 1:1 or 10:1 or 9:1.


Addition cure silicone is odorless, environmental friendly, and food grade. So the raw material of addition cure silicone is more expensive than that of condensation cure silicone, so does the price.


Other one is condensation cure silicone rubber aslo can be used for same application, if you not care about food grade. Usually the mixing ratio is 100:2 to 5 or 10:1.


Here we would like to introduce our hot sales mold making silicone rubber HY-6 (condensation cure silicone rubber)
and silicone rubber HY-E6 (addition cure silicone rubber)

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