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silicone rubber for mould

Writer:hong ye siliconeSource: Date:2018-02-28

Application of silicone rubber for mould:
Mold making silicone rubber is mainly used for making molds of concrete stone, GRC, polyurethane products; wax, candle decoration; rapid prototyping and tyre molds, similar products.


Characteristics of silicone rubber for mould:
*An exceptional fluidity and good operability, easy to demold
*Moderate hardness
*High tensile and tear strength
*Good flexibility
*Cure at room temperature
*Outstanding bubble releasing
*High duplication times
*Outstanding bubble releasing


HONG YE JIE Profile & Advantages:
As the global leading silicone rubber manufacturer with 20 years experience of silicone rubber’s production, and 12 years silicone rubber’s exporting experience, Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology is the BIGGEST EXPORTER of liquid silicone rubber of China since 2013, and our silicone rubber has been well-received by 138 countries and areas with 18 experts R&D team!


Sample packaging: 1kg
Cargo packaging: metal drum and plastic drum: 20kg, 25kg and 200kg
Shippping: Transport as non-dangerous Article 

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