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In the environment of silica collagen material soaring, how to strive for maximum profits for enterprises?

Writer:35353Source: Date:2019-05-28
With the deepening of the global economy, the competition between enterprises is not only reflected in the competition for customers, but also in the cooperation with excellent suppliers. Especially in the current environment of soaring prices of silica collagen materials, how to choose a high-quality supplier of silica gel to cooperate and strive for maximum profits for enterprises? In the silica gel industry for 12 years, five standards of high quality silica gel suppliers are summarized.
First, it is a real manufacturer, not a trader. Firstly, verify whether the three certificates are complete, and the qualified enterprises can guarantee the cooperation between the two sides. Secondly, we must have advanced machinery and equipment and production technology. Domestic silica gel market is mixed. Traders often claim that they have been living factories for more than 10 years. In fact, many of them are traders or small family-style workshops. There are fewer than 10 truly powerful liquid silica gel manufacturers in China. Among them, Shenzhen Red Leaf Silica has the best reputation. In the silica gel industry for more than 20 years, it has 5000 square meters factory building and 36 sets of foreign imported production equipment. It is safe to find such a strong manufacturer to cooperate with.
Second: Excellent leaders. Only by having excellent leaders can enterprises develop healthily and continuously, and only by cooperating with suppliers can they supply continuously and steadily. Since 2017, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been forced to stop production because of the strict state environmental protection regulations. The serious shortage of organic silicon raw materials has led to the continued price skyrocketing. Faced with this special period, Chairman Li Guibin, founder of Hongyejie, made strategic adjustments to the company with forward-looking wisdom, notifying customers three months in advance that silicone materials will rise sharply, allowing customers to have sufficient time to communicate with downstream customers to raise prices, and helping customers smoothly tide over the "financial crisis" in the silicone industry. Therefore, excellent leaders are the first key to ensure product quality and sustainable development of enterprises, and play a vital role in good cooperation between the two sides.
Third: The product has excellent quality and stable performance. Silicone is a two-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Component A is a flowing milky white liquid and component B is a catalyst. The products provided by high quality silica gel suppliers are characterized by low viscosity, good fluidity, high tensile and tear resistance, safety and environmental protection.
Fourth: We have excellent R&D team to support customized production. The ever-changing application of silicone rubber is very wide, and the requirements for products vary with the application fields of customers. Red leaf silica gel not only has dozens of advanced production machines and equipment, but also has a solid theory and experienced research and development team. Customized production can be supported according to customer needs, and more advantages can be created for customers to lead the market.
Fifth: Fast delivery and first-class after-sales service. In this environment of scarce supply and soaring prices of silicone collagen materials, the silicone industry can say who has sufficient raw materials is the leader. Xiaobian hereby recommends that the majority of silica gel customers conduct a comprehensive inventory of the company's existing stock, make a good procurement plan three months in advance and stock up in advance to ensure that the normal development of the company is not affected! For more details, please call Wechat 18988789548

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