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Why does platinum cure silicone rubber appear sticky or uncured on the surface?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-02-27

With the progress of the times and the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food are no longer just at the stage of filling their stomachs. Nowadays, all kinds of delicious food are not only delicious, but also lifelike in shape. The most common ones are cake in cake shop, candy and chocolate in candy shop.


How do you make this kind of beautiful food? Xiaobian interviewed some cake shops and some candy shops, and their feedback was to use platinum cure silicone rubber to make molds for this type of products.


Please note that the silicone mold must be food grade. It must be made of  platinum cure silicone rubber.

According to the feedback of many practical food grade silicone rubber mold owners, in the early days of their practical food grade silicone mold, they encountered many problems, the most common one is that the mold surface is sticky or the surface is not solidified.

After their various attempts and consulting with silicone industry suppliers, especially after the change of Hong Ye Silicone rubber, this problem has been solved.


According to the confirmation of technicians from hong ye jie Technology Co., Ltd., the supplier of hong ye jie silicone rubber, the main reasons for non curing or surface sticking of platinum silicone are as follows:

1. The curing temperature of platinum silicone during operation is too low.

2. The AB component of platinum cure silicone is not mixed in strict accordance with the specified proportion

3. The mixing process is not completely mixed

4. The mixing container is not clean or the mixing tools are not clean

5. The surface of the original mold is not treated (especially if the original mold contains heavy metal elements or nitrogen, sulfur, tin, arsenic, mercury, lead, etc.)

6. The material of the original mold is polyurethane resin.


The technicians of Hong Ye Silicone introduced that it is relatively simple to solve these problems:

1. It can improve the curing temperature of food grade silicone. In addition, it can shorten the curing time

2. In the mixing process, mix in strict accordance with the mixing proportion provided by the manufacturer, for example, the common mixing proportion of Hong Ye Jie food grade silicone is 1:1 and 10:1

3. When mixing the AB component of platinum cure silicone rubber, please use clean containers and mixing tools.

4. If conditions permit, it is better to spray a layer or even multiple layers of mold release agent on the surface of the mold. The mold release agent can effectively block the contact between silicone rubber and some chemicals in the mold that lead to the non curing of silicone rubber.


OK, I'll introduce you today. If you use platinum cure silicone and encounter these problems, does this article solve your problems? Of course, you can also contact Hong Ye Silicone.

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