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Why does the world cup Brazil star Neymar fall frequently?


In June, Shenzhen was full of enthusiasm, and the four-year World Cup football match held in Russia was also in full swing.

There are many classic pictures in this world cup. Whether it's Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, who is still in his 23-year-old body, who still plays a hat trick in the face of a strong opponent, or our king Messi's desperate counterattack that leads pampas Eagles Argentina to the final stage, it brings us a wonderful visual feast.


So many football stars, which one do you like better?

I believe that in addition to Ronaldo and Messi, many fans also like the five-star Brazilian football Prince Neymar. Known as a talented star, Neymar was knocked to the ground by his opponent in the last World Cup and missed the semi-final because of his injury, which led to the 5-star Brazil being beaten 1-7 by Germany at his own door. The match was also called the pain of Minero by the Brazilian football believers because it was played at the Minero stadium.

In the past four years, the time has finally come for revenge. Brazilians have been thinking about revenge for Germany all day long. Neymar is also a player who keeps improving his skills in order to revive Brazil in this world cup. However, it's a pity that Germany have not met Brazil in the world cup, so they were eliminated in the group match. It really confirms an old Chinese saying that its rise is also vigorous, and its death is also sudden!

However, this did not affect the excellent performance of Neymar in this world cup, all kinds of gorgeous excellent, all kinds of beautiful passing, all kinds of active running to win opportunities for teammates, as well as the perfect goal with four surprises in the last game, which helped Brazil to advance successfully. Everything looks perfect. However, the only thing that surprised Xiaobian was that Neymar had such a superb skill, but this world cup game fell frequently. If the interested fans and friends play back the game, they will find the scenes falling frequently. So what's the reason for this?

The answer is that Neymar's shoes are not antiskid enough! If the less inside sneakers use the silicone non slip insole made of red leaf silicone, then I believe that he can better control the balance of his body and prevent his fall.

The antiskid insole made of red leaf silica gel can not only prevent slipping and falling, but also has a soft texture and is very comfortable to wear. It is made of silicone elastomer. After wearing it, the elasticity of the shoes will double. From then on, the shoes will jump high and run fast, and the kicking and running will be very smooth. In addition, the red leaf insole silica gel also has food level certification, which is completely environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and can withstand high and low temperature, UV radiation, and has excellent performance. It is really the best choice for high-end insoles.

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