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There are several modeling techniques for high-temperature silicone rubber as following ?-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


  1. The calendering molding method, the main tools is the molding press machine  , and the rubber forming machine. Mix the rubber compound or HTV high-temperature silicone rubber and methyl vinyl silica gel in a Banbury mixer or a blender mill according to the certain proportion between the silicone rubber and the vulcanizing agent. If any special high-temperature resistance purpose is required, high-temperature resistant material can be added and be mixed with the proportion of the vulcanizing agent 1%-2%. Then the whole block is cut into sheet material or piece material, and then is put into the mold for applying heat and pressure. Finally the high-temperature silicone rubber can be solidified. This molding method is called as the calendering modeling method.

  2. The injection molding method, the addition liquid silicone rubber, and the high-temperature silicone rubber. The silicone rubber is divided into two groups, wherein the silicone rubber of group A contains cross-linking agent, and the silicone rubber  of group B contains platinum catalyst. The tool is a plastic jetting-molding machine exclusively for silicone rubber . A common plastic jetting-molding machine has two hoppers. The molding method, which turns the two pipes of the common plastic jetting-molding machine into one and injects the silica gel into a mold through pressing, Which  called the injection molding method or plastic injection molding method.


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