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How to purchase pad printing equipment?-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


You should take the printing content, the printing stock characters, the printing runs, ect aspects into account, to select the most suitable structure's model. Besides, you should also consider about whether the pad printing machine supplier provides the following accessories, of course, most of the accessories is choosed by the user.

1. Whether  pad printing heads cleaning equipments

The pad printing head automatic cleaning device can be used to clean pad printing heads conveniently and quickly, thus to make the ink deliverying process more accurately, and to help producers saving a lot of time. Anyway, this device is not necessities, normally it is accessories of high-grade machine.

2. Whether they provide ink pump

This equipment is mainly used in the condition where the ink types and colour rarely changes. In this case, a large number of ink being stored in the ink pool, the ink pump can be used to transfer the ink from the ink pool to the ink fountain of the printing machine, or transfer the unused ink back to the ink pool. 

3. Whether they provide blowing device

Because pad printing process mainly rely on the principle of viscosity changes to transfer the ink, and the changing of ink viscosity is depend the volatilization produces of ink solvent. Therefore, if there is compressed air device or blowing device, it can better speeding up the volatilization of ink solvents.

4. Whether they provide on-line detection device

The on-line detection devices can inspect minor changes appeared on the prints in real time, and feedback to printing machine controllers timely. It can help to reduce operator's burden greatly, and to improve the print quality. The price of these devices is declining, most CD printing enterprises are using on-line detection device.


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