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The procedures of making tire molds-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


 1. Brush the original tire mold with release agent and the dry the mold with the air gum. Circle the original mold with the steel plates which is also brushed with release agent.

 2. Use HY620 to make tire mold. The HY620, which is flowing liquid, is two-component: Part A silicone rubber and Part B catalyst. When using it, mix Part A and Part B evenly. For example, take 100g silicone rubber, mixed with 2g catalyst. (Note: the silicone rubber and catalyst must be stirred evenly, or the silicone mold will partially cure. This phenomenon has a bad impact on the life and the duplication times, what’s worse, causes the waste of silicone.)

 3. Vacuumize the bubbles. After silicone and catalyst are evenly stirred, evacuate the bubbles from the mixture with the vacuum machine. Generally the vacuum time should be within 10 minutes, otherwise, silicone will crosslink and lead to partly cure. The silicone mold with this situation can not be used for brushing and pouring. The only solution is to re-make the silicone mold again.

 4. brush the mixture into the tire mold one layer evenly, make sure the mixture penetrate into every detail of the pattern. Exhaust the bubble with air gun or vacuum machine, and then gradually pouring the left mixture along a fix infusion point. During this procedure, vibrate the mold to evacuate the bubble inside.

 5. 120 minutes after silicone is cured, mix 1000kg gypsum with water and pour it into a wooden frame. (the wooden frame should be in two part for the convenience of de-molding.)

6.  Remove the wooden frame 20 minutes later. The tire mold is finally finished.


 1. The proportion of catalyst determined by the temperature. Lower the mixing ratio accordingly if the temperature is higher. If the catalyst is over added, silicone mold will be harder and friable; however, if the catalyst is insufficient, the pot life will be prolonged.

 2. In order to keep silicone rubber from changing its properties, adding silicone oil is not advisable.

 3. For an optimal usage of the silicone molds, please put the silicone molds into application after 24 hours.

Silicone for tire molds making is applicable in all kinds of tire molds making.


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