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Silicone mold open mold process detailed tutorial-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         Silica gel is divided into a room temperature vulcanizing silicone and high temperature vulcanized silicone, the prices are very far, according to production requirements to select the following description of the method of operation of the silicone brush mode.

        Silicone open mode choice of the form and the choice of the parting line is very important, first, to take a convenient mode, the mode line to be elected does not affect the overall effect of, does not affect the product quality, such as water features parting line of the series The position is too high, seal the parting line of the material, product cracking prone; reduce the operating process of the next process, such as the open half of the mold.

         To prevent the silicone from four flow mode species with wooden poles or planks fixed in the scope of a rule, the opening piece mold with wood and sludge separated that part of the first open, require no gaps in sludge and mold, smooth surface sludge formation. End of the above work to prepare, and then cast or mold species coated with vaseline or sprayed with release agent, smooth product requirements with a clean cotton cloth coated with petroleum jelly evenly coated in the mold species, for 30 minutes to mold species Vaseline is fully absorbed, then a clean cotton cloth to clean the mold surface, requiring bright surface; the texture of the product as long as evenly coated with Vaseline on it.

         According to formula silicone tone. When mixing silicone curing agent and silicone mix to minimize the air mixed with gel, smooth product is best when coated with the first layer of plastic pumping a vacuum, the vacuum degree requirements-0.1Mpa for 7-8 seconds.

         Silica gel with a good timely molding. Glue with trickle down in the highest parts of the mold species, let the natural flow, the flow is not in place with a painting brush in place, if it is piece mode silicone not only full of the entire product and have to brush evenly clay on. Each product at least brush the thickness of each layer of silica gel of the three-layer silica gel for $ 2, silicone brush, requiring each layer after curing in order to brush another layer, third layer of brush to add a second layer on top of layers of gauze to increase the strength of the silicone. The entire mold silicone part of the different requirements depending on the size of the product thickness control in the $ 2, the width of the product width is not more than $ 2. Silicone clotting time was 20 minutes.

         A master mold dry cleaned for smooth handling (can play a layer of mold release wax or brush one release agent)

2, to mold liquid silicone rubber (silicone) Sheng, such as plastic pots spare; dosage depending on mold size.

3 hardener weight ratio (typically adding 1-5%) weighing container, mix, stir evenly (because of the hardening agent by itself, performance and temperature effects, it is proposed to use matching with silicone hardener);

4. Mold silicone rubber (silicone) and hardener mixture at room temperature the reaction and the release of low molecular weight alcohol, the alcohol molecules from the colloid to be ranked in the negative pressure soak for 1-3 minutes. Also available without the aid of equipment (mainly mold division operating experience)

5, multi-layer the brushing piece mold should be followed, and outside at the same time curing is appropriate. The curing agent is relatively low, the reaction time is lengthened, the full response, colloid like curing agent is preferably within less foreign. When brushing until the first layer (inner layer) dry and then brush the second layer. Operating time of 30-50 minutes, the removal time of 10-15 hours. The curing time of 24 hours. Note brushing first, plus the best two-story with gauze, such as mold, which can greatly improve the life of mold (but must not use the glass fiber cloth, or likely to cause the hierarchical leaving the entire mold scrapped)

6, three-dimensional perfusion mode, generally 10-15 hours of curing as well.

7, the soft mold making is completed but also produced to support the plaster or fiberglass jacket silicone soft mode

Note: 1, parting line options: choose a location does not affect the appearance of the product; select the location of the easy processing after grouting; select the location of the mold itself easy form removal; select the location of the product is not easy deformation

Must not to rush the production schedule blindly increase the amount of hardener, otherwise it will greatly reduce the life of the silicone mold.

Preparation - mixing the sediment in the container

Measurement - the measurement of the second component

Mixing - Stir in the second component

· Exhaust - mixing exhaust

The mold material is cast from the highest point of the model

· Model casting - Caesar cast material coated scratch on the surface of the partially cured

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