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Pouring sealant-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Potting is also called electronic glue is a broad term, used for electronic components of the bonding, sealing, sealing and coating protection.

        Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber or silicone gel used in electrical and electronic element encapsulating, can play a moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, the role of earthquake, and improves the use performance and stability parameters, and the vulcanization is a liquid, pouring, easy to use. Application of silicone gel potting, do not produce low molecule, no stress shrinkage, can deep sulfide, without any corrosion, transparent silica gel in the vulcanized into transparent elastomer layer, on the package of components are clearly visible, with a needle inside by measuring element parameters, convenient inspection and repair. There is also an opaque gray or black, use different colors in different. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber foam used in electronic computer memory storage device core board, by vibration, shock, cold and hot AC and a number of tests in full compliance with the requirements. Addition-cured room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber based on the prepared flame resistant sealant used for TV, high pressure cap and a high voltage cable sheathing and other products molding very effective. To need not be enclosed or inconvenience of impregnation and sealing protection, can adopt a single component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber as surface coating protection material. General electronic components surface protective coating with room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone gel with internal coating. In recent years, glass resin coated electrical and electronic instrumentation components widely used.

        Epoxy resin potting is one of the important areas of application. Has been widely used in electronics manufacturing, electronics industry indispensable important insulating materials. Potting is a liquid epoxy resin composites by mechanical or manual mode irrigation were equipped with electronic components, circuit within the device, at room temperature or heating conditions become excellent curing thermosetting polymer insulating material. Its role is : to strengthen the integrity of the electronic device, to improve the external shocks, shock resistance; improve the internal components, wiring insulation, conducive to device miniaturization, lightweight; avoid element, circuit directly exposed, waterproof, moisture-proof performance improvement device. Epoxy pouring sealant and wide range of application, technical requirements differ in thousands of ways, a variety of. From the curing conditions on a room temperature curable and cured by heating the two class. From a dosage form is divided into two component and single component two class. Multicomponent dosage forms, because the use is not convenient, as commodity does not see more. Room temperature curable epoxy pouring sealant for two-component, potting without heating can be cured, low requirements on equipment, easy to use. Disadvantages are complex operating viscosity, infiltration of poor, applicable period is short, it is difficult to realize automatic production, and the cured resin heat resistance and electrical performance is not very high. General for the low-voltage electronics potting or not cured by heating applications. Heat curable two-component epoxy potting glue, the amount is the largest, most widely used varieties. Its characteristic is the complex operation of small viscosity, good manufacturability, long application period, the infiltration of cured products, excellent comprehensive performance, suitable for high voltage electronic device automatic production line using single component epoxy potting material is abroad in recent years, the development of new varieties, heating and curing. With the two-component heating curing sealant, prominent advantage is required and has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient use, pouring sealant quality equipment and process of dependency. Besides inadequacy is the higher cost, material storage condition is strict, the epoxy pouring sealant should meet the following requirements:

       Performance is good, suitable for a long period, suitable for large batch automatic production line.

       Small viscosity, infiltration and strong, can be filled with element and line.

     Pouring and curing process, filler powder components small settlement, no delamination.

     Curing exothermic peak at low, small curing shrinkage.

     Cured electrical performance and excellent mechanical properties, good heat resistance, of a variety of materials has good adhesion, water absorption and small coefficient of linear expansion

     Some occasions also asked the potting material is flame, weathering, heat resistance, high and low temperature performance.

     Epoxy pouring sealant, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, or hot melt sealant asphalt paraffin, the color of a filler, potting, mostly with high density, high proportion of filler. For example: quartz, calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, and even greater density barite and other inorganic mineral material, in order to improve various formulations. When in use, be sure to stir evenly. Especially when needed and curing agent in the reaction type. The filler is usually in the A component, before use if not stir evenly, it will cause adverse effect of cured product quality, more terrible is sometimes the bad products difficult to found, make production appeared a lot of waste, even with a large number of potentially dangerous product in the customer market is on the move, as many time bomb, also includes producers often ignore in cured curing process of precipitation, generally such a situation does not cause apparent hardness change, but the separation of the upper and lower curing property must have been completely changed.

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