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Silicone material Date:2013-04-23
   Organic enjoy " industrial monosodium glutamate"," science and technology development catalyst " and reputation of the silicone is a synthetic, 
structure on silicon atoms and oxygen atoms as main chain polymer. Since the chain Si-O bond has high bond energy, so the organosilicon polymers on
 heat, oxygen stability than general organic polymer is much higher. Although silicon at room temperature on the mechanical properties and other material
 difference is not big, but in the high and low temperature showed excellent physical, mechanical properties, in60~ 250 degrees between the multiple 
alternating, its performance is not affected, and some can even at - 100 degrees C under normal use; with high and low temperature resistance, 
electrical insulation, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, flame resistance, water repellency, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and 
tasteless and biologically inert. Nowadays, the silicone has been widely used in electronic and electrical, construction, textile, 
light industry, medical and other industries, and in the automotive industry have a wide range of applications. 1silicone market 
situation at present, the global silicone has more than 10000 kinds of varieties. In 2004 the world's total market size of about
 US $9000000000. Grouped by industry, silicone rubber, resin consumption form, coatings, fibers, paper, cosmetics and other 
chemical related industry 40%, electric20%, building20%, the other 20%.
      At present, all kinds of silicone products total consumption accounts for the total output of world synthetic resin 
(100000000 T ) of O.65%, developed countries regard the silicone materials as2l century new materials of the key to the development.
      According to the SRI report,2003, the United States market for silicone products demand continuing to 4% ~ 6% rate. 
Silicone industry to the local gross national product ( GDP )2 ~3 times the rate of growth, especially in the automotive 
and construction market. The next few years, the Latin American and Middle Eastern silicone material corresponding to the 
product market will be higher than the global average rate of growth; the United States of America and Western Europe is 
the global silicone most mature market, will continue to higher than the GDP growth rate; in Asia, silicone materials rapid 
consumption growth, mainly concentrated in the except Japan other Asian regions and countries, can be expected, the Asian 
region silicone business growth in the world will remain the most powerful.
In 2004 China silicone market continued to maintain a rapid growth trend. In 2004, the primary shape polysiloxane import 
volume is 143762 T, compared with 101710 in 200341% t growth: export volume is 20838 T, than going up year of 
growth94%10737 T; the net import volume is122924 T, than going up year of growth 35%90973t. China s eight methyl 
four ring siloxane ( Dd ), two methyl cyclosiloxane mixture ( DMC ) presents the state that demand exceeds supply.
     Domestic organosilicon methyl monomer consumption in recent years to more than 20% of the annual rate of increase, 
growth rate is quite rapid. If the import organosilicon methyl monomer and products is also included, its consumption is larger.
2.silicone materials development
The 2.1 silicon rubber
2.1.1heat-resistant silicone rubber silicone rubber has good heat resistance, at - 80to 250 DEG C in a wide range of 
maintaining good flexibility, so it is widely used in high temperature applications. With the development of science 
and technology especially the defense and the development of the sophisticated technology of its heat resistance, raised 
taller requirement. In recent years, people on the heat resistance of silicone rubber were studied extensively. Wei Borong 
and others, in the silicone rubber was added in the 5~10silicone resin can improve the silicone rubber heat resistance and 
comprehensive performance.
      Zheng Junping et al that, iron tin composite oxide having multiple antioxidant mechanism, so as to play a synergistic 
effect, can improve the heat resistance of silicone rubber.
Huang Feng and the others find, iron oxide copper complexes in a certain temperature range can inhibit the growth of silicon
 rubber thermal oxidative degradation, improve silicone rubber heat aging resistance, and better performance than ferric oxide.
Wu Weili uses 4~5DCP as curing agent,2 copies of DBPMH as curing agent,40 copies of precipitated silica as reinforcing agent,11 
to 15 portions of ferric hydroxide as heat-resistant additives, successfully developed a high temperature of 300DEG C of the silicone 
2.1.2liquid silicone rubber
Liquid silicone rubber injection molding technology studies began in the nineteen seventies, originally designed for the 
preparation of shape complex products, such as aviation big sealing fittings. Arrived 80 time, liquid silicone rubber 
begins to get the attention of various countries, demand is increasing rapidly. Because the liquid silicone rubber injection 
forming not only has the advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, can carry out the 
advantages of automated production, and adaptability to temperature is very good also, in a wide range of temperature can 
keep the good elasticity, so its increasingly wide range of applications. According to SRI research report1998, liquid 
silicone rubber sales of only 90KT, thereafter to more than 10% of the average annual growth rate. Raw material prices 
than ordinary silicon rubber was slightly higher, but the total cost was lower than ordinary silicon rubber, especially 
manufacturing products and more demonstrated its superiority in this aspect.
Laur silicone rubber company a new generation of liquid silicone rubber applied advanced and stable vulcanization technology, 
solves the two-component liquid silicon rubber and some existing problems. This material is a single component, to cooperate 
fully with the can be used after the. Although the material is still in the early commercialization, but because has the following
 advantages, application prospect is very broad: to cooperate fully with the -- without mixing operation; no ratio improper
 material; no need for cleaning the mixing device; the cleaning process without material loss; excellent physical
 properties ( tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, thermal aging performance, compression permanent deformation ); 
and long storage life; curing cycle is short; in line with the United States Food and drug administration, standard; tunable; 
different hardness of rubber mix.
Shincor Silicones company developed new grade liquid silicone rubber KEG2000 series has excellent physical properties and
 processing properties. The KEG 2000series of liquid silicone rubber with the current without glue edge, automatic pressing 
needs, at low shear stress ( pump and flow ) of high viscosity, high shear stress ( injection ) lower viscosity at. 
Allegedly, the KEG 2000 series also has excellent gate balance, wide processing range and prominent release properties, 
high transparency, Shao Er A hardness of 20 ~75 degrees.
Wacker company developed white viscous liquid silicone rubber Elastosil LR 3070 series products. The series of liquid 
silicone rubber as a gel, easy coloring two-component mixture, in a short period of time can fast curing; even without 
a primer, but also on various materials ( from a thermoplastic, thermoset resin to metal or glass) has an excellent 
adhesion properties, which makes it a very with insert products ideal material. Type liquid silicon rubber also has 
excellent mechanical and electrical properties; therefore, the injection molding or processed at high temperature.
 With insert products ( such as shower nozzle, steering wheel, buttons ) can once shaping. It can not only reduce 
the unit cost, but also can reduce energy consumption. Elastosil LR 3070series of products in the medical, electrical 
and electronic equipment in the field of use is very extensive.
NuSil Technology launched the self-lubricating type liquid silicon rubber after molding, can be treated elastomer 
surface covered with a layer of silicone liquid, thereby avoiding the silicone layer are bonded to each other or 
obstruction. The self-lubricating type liquid silicon rubber more varieties, the Shao Er A hardness of from 15to 60 
degrees. Potential applications including medical diaphragm, brake,0 type ring gasket, valve, etc..
Japan's Asahi rubber company and its subsidiary company Fine Rubber Research Institute jointly developed silicone 
rubber Ninax is resistant to high temperature of 300 DEG C. The adhesive has the following characteristics : at 300 
degrees C can be used for a long time, and can keep good strength and softness; in the heating and compression 
condition does not harden, particularly applicable to the production of O ring, gasket; processing performance with 
ordinary silicon rubber, and price than the best heat resistance of fluoro rubber cheap some parties, and can replace 
the fluorine rubber is used; the use of safety, the human body and the environment without adverse effects.
Wang Baiya and others developed the GT - I thermal coating with phenyl silicone rubber as substrate, joining Si02filler, 
its density is 1.2 g / cm3, specific heat capacity is 1.256 J / ( g K ), thermal conductivity is 0.31 W / ( m K ), has 
been successfully used for the heat warhead bottom.

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