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led energy saving light form factor specifications of common sense-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

High-power LED has a rated operating current light emitting diode. General ordinary LED power 0.05W, and the operating current is 20mA, high-power LED can achieve 1W, 2W, or even tens of watts, operating current can be tens of mA to hundreds of mA range. High-power LED luminous flux, the conversion efficiency and cost constraints, it was decided the main short-term high-power white LED is the lighting of specific areas, long-term goal is the general lighting.
Definition: High-power LED as the fourth generation of electric light, endowed with the "green lighting" said the small size, safe low voltage, long life, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, fast response, energy saving, environmental protection and other excellent features, will replace the traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps to become the 21st century a new generation of light source.
Features: High Power LED as a light source with a small size, low power consumption, heat, long life, fast response, security, low voltage, good weather resistance, good direction. Housing available PC made from the high temperature of 135 degrees. , Low temperature of -45 degrees
Service life: high-power LED lamp life up to 50,000 hours or more
(2) Energy saving: saving 80% or more than high pressure sodium
3 green. High-power LED lamps do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, there is no pollution to the environment
Security: impact resistance, earthquake and strong LED light hair in the visible range, the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass enclosure, there is no issue of fragmentation of the traditional lamp, without harm to the human body, no radiation;
(5) high-voltage, LED Forum to attract the dust. Eliminates the ordinary street lamp black shade caused decrease in brightness due to the high-pressure absorption dust;
(6) No heat, no shade aging yellow. Eliminate the common street so reduce the brightness caused by aging yellow and shortened life expectancy due to high temperature baking shade;
Start without delay. led in the nanosecond, live at power-up to normal brightness, without waiting for, and eliminate the traditional LED lights for a long time the boot process;
8 no flicker. led drive pure DC, to eliminate visual fatigue caused by traditional street lights flicker;
9 no adverse glare. Eliminate the adverse glare of the ordinary high-power LED lights cause glare, visual fatigue sight interference, improve driving safety, reduce traffic accidents.
Flexible - compact LED light source, the LED lamps can be decorative lighting to adapt to a variety of geometric dimensions and the size of the different spatial requirements, such as: point, line, plane, ball, different forms of, even the light of any art form sculpture ;
11 color behaviorist - by semiconductor PN junction self-generated colors, pure, strong; rich colors - the three primary colors plus digital technology, the evolution of any color; available: high-power LED in the oil field, petrochemical, railways, mines, troops special industry, stage decoration, urban landscape lighting, display and sports venues and other special work lamps with broad application prospects.
The working principle of light-emitting diode (LED) is a can convert electrical energy into light solid device, and its structure by the PN junction chip, the electrode and optical system components. The basic working principle of the LED is an electro-optical conversion process, when a forward bias is applied to both ends in the PN junction, PN junction barrier to reduce the spread of P region of positive charge will be N region, the N-zone electronic the proliferation of P region, the formation of non-equilibrium charge accumulation in the two regions. PN junction due to the relative instability of minority carriers generated by current injection, injected into the non-equilibrium holes in the valence band to the conduction band electron recombination in which the excess energy will be in the form of light radiate outward. electrons and holes, the greater the energy difference between the photon energy is higher. Energy steps of different sizes, frequency and wavelength of light is different, the corresponding color of the light will be different.
Disadvantages: due to the conversion efficiency of high-power white LED is still relatively low, less luminous flux, the high cost of factors restricting short-term high-power white LED are some special areas of special lamps, medium-and long-term goal can be is the field of general illumination. LED power supply
High Power LED Type
High Power LED There are many, such as high-power LED street lights, high power LED spotlight, high power LED lamps for light, high-power LED underwater lights, LED Downlight, High Power LED Wall Washer, High Power LED Tunnel Light . Among them, high-power LED street lamps and high power LED wash light application is the most the most popular. The problems of high-power LED and a small power LED. Although many enterprises in China to develop production of LED cities lighting street lamps, but a lot of low-power LED array light-emitting body, the thermal problem solving, with the number of LED to a lot of small power LED light decline of strong, high installation costs;
Urban lighting, LED street using high-power LED is the development trend of a small number of high-power LED emitter lights products because there is no good solution to the power reaches a certain amount of heat dissipation problem of LED; of LED astigmatism and condenser control problems; street light illumination in the face of road exposure range, type and balanced illumination; photoelectric conversion efficiency is too low, per watt of only a few lumens and other issues. So the product is not satisfactory; high-performance product price high, it is difficult to popularizing. Heat dissipation and reliability are the main factors affecting high-power LED applications. The problem of heat dissipation of the LED package light, has been a very important issue encountered in the development of LED products, which product the thermal conductivity of the material is very critical. Ceramic materials is a very good thermal conductivity materials, it has high thermal conductivity, good performance of the volume (no shrinkage, deformation), good insulation properties and thermal conductivity. Therefore, the use of ceramic materials will be the main trend of the future development of LED products.

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