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LED silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        LED silicone is the general term of the silicone material of LED optoelectronic industry.That colloidal yellowing epoxy anti-ozone weak, affecting the light transmission efficiency LED silicone Fruit, while the silicone material has a resistance to atmospheric aging, ultraviolet aging, excellent performance epoxy resin in the high-end product applications have been replaced by LED silicone materials. The well-known brands at home and abroad: Gaoyang Chemical, Japan's Hitachi Chemical (HITACHEM), Dow Corning, Shin-Etsu, Toshiba, Taiwan's Tempo and so on.
        1, classification

      (1) the type of the molecular chain groups: methyl silicone of stupid base systems can be divided into organic silicone. LED optoelectronic market on the widely used methyl Department silicone, phenyl Department silicone only in areas of high demand due to higher costs.
      (2) field of use: can be divided into the LED lamp encapsulated silicone and LED application products, potting with silicone. LED lamp encapsulated silicone lens filling silica gel and LED solid crystal silica gel, LED application products potting silicone price is relatively low, as long as water use, water, low light such as LED potting silicone solar LED lights are sealed silicone LED display to protect the silicone, LED module transparent silicone.
      (3) the curing conditions: can be divided into type LED of high temperature vulcanized silicone room temperature vulcanizing type LED silicone. Regardless of what type of silicone, curing does not occur when the exothermic phenomenon. High-temperature vulcanized silicone is a high molecular weight polysiloxane (molecular weight 40 800 000), room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber are generally low molecular weight (60000), both ends of the molecular chain (sometimes in the middle there) with one or two functional groups, under certain conditions (moisture in the air or a suitable catalyst), these functional groups can react to form high molecular weight cross-linked structure. RTV silicone rubber to their curing mechanism of condensation type and can be divided into forming; two-component and single component can be divided into two types according to the packaging.

     2.the performance characteristics of

     The basic structural unit of the LED silicone products from silicon - oxygen chain, side chain is through the silicon atoms connected to a variety of other organic groups. Therefore, the structure of high-power LED silicone products containing both organic groups, containing inorganic structure, this particular function of composition and molecular structure so that it sets the characteristics of organic matter and inorganic one. Compared with other polymer materials, the most outstanding performance of the LED silicone products are:
    1. Temperature characteristics LED silicone products based on silicon - oxygen (Si-O) the main chain structure, the C-C bond bond is 82.6 kcal / mol, Si-O bond of the key LED silicone for 121 kcal / mole, so the LED silicone products, high thermal stability, high temperature (or radiation exposure) molecular bond is not broken, do not break down. High-power LED silicone not only high temperature, but also low temperature, can be used in a wide temperature range. Whether or chemical properties physical and mechanical properties, temperature dependence is very small.
    2. The main chain of weathering LED silicone-Si-O-, unparalleled, so difficult to be ultraviolet and ozone decomposition. High Power LED silicone has better thermal stability than other polymer materials, as well as resistance to radiation and weather ability. LED silica under the natural environment, the service life of up to several decades.
    3. Electrical insulation properties LED silicone products have good electrical insulation properties, dielectric loss resistance, voltage, resistance, arc, corona resistant, volume resistivity and surface resistivity, etc. are among the best insulating materials, and their electrical properties by little effect of temperature and frequency. Therefore, they are a stable electrical insulating materials, are widely used in electronics and electrical industry. LED silicone in addition to excellent heat resistance, excellent water repellency, which is highly reliable protection of electrical equipment in wet conditions.
    4. Physiologically inert polysiloxane compound is a known active compounds. They are extremely resistant to biological aging, and animal body without rejection, and has better anti-clotting properties.
    5 Low surface tension and low surface energy of the main chain of the high-power LED silicone is very soft, much weaker intermolecular forces than hydrocarbon, therefore, lower than the same molecular weight hydrocarbon viscosity, surface tension is weak, the surface can be small, film-forming ability. This low surface tension and low surface energy is the main reason for many applications: the excellent performance of the hydrophobic, anti-foaming, foam stability, anti-sticking, lubrication, coating, etc..

   Third, LED silicone use

   LED silica gel in the photovoltaic industry has been widely used, due to the excellent performance and favored by the majority of LED manufacturers.LED silicone in the application of classification of the photovoltaic industry can be divided into the following categories:
Application: 1.LED lamp beads on the power LED, SMD LED lamp, chip fixed on mixed phosphor white LED lamp beads, lens fill in the blanks are held by the LED silicone .
(1) solid crystal LED silicone: fixed chip commonly known as a solid crystal plastic, often mixing the silver in order to improve the thermal effects, so called solid crystal silver plastic on the market.
(2) LED mixing phosphor silicone: the white LED is a uniform coverage by the blue LED chip surface layer of yellow fluorescent blue light by the phosphor in order to achieve the white effect, which need to use LED mixed phosphor silicone.
(3) fill the surface of the LED silicone: LED lamp beads on the surface of silica gel purpose is to protect the LED chip, commonly filled with high-power LED lens, lens mold closure, flat chip package, the COB a large area specification package .
The products 2.LED: LED applications is very broad, life lighting, traffic alerts, space technology, underground work, and so has been widely used. Used in LED applications LED silicone purpose is to waterproof, in order to achieve the internal circuit of the protection products. Common LED display PCB board to protect the black potting silicone sealing and potting LED lamps silica gel.

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