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Conductive liquid silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

    Add conductive fillers in forming bulk silicon rubber formula, dubbed the conductive liquid silicone is mainly used for electronic equipment and parts of the contacts, conductive adhesives, screen printing inks, electromagnetic shielding, anti copier roller, countertops and wallsstatic point shielding.
    Commonly used conductive fillers are carbon black, metal powder, metallized glass microspheres or silica spheres, conductive metal oxides, alkali metal salts. Selection of different varieties of conductive filler and adjust with the amount of preparation of the volume resistivity of conductive plus liquid silicone. Usually the volume resistivity of 104Ω cm in what is called "conductive silicone rubber, the volume resistivity of 105 to 104Ω · cm, referred to as" semi-conductive silicone rubber.
    Demand for carbon black, should be used in hydrochloric acid adsorption capacity is low, high DBP oil absorption, can give good electrical conductivity of the rubber and the use of varieties, such as acetylene black, furnace black, and so on. Preparation, so that the uniformly dispersed carbon black in rubber compound, usually a kneader or mixer taken in batches to join the carbon black and the last three roller machine to further diversify, or use a rotating disk-type mixing device preparation. Carbon black with the volume, according to the requirements of the volume resistivity of the vulcanized silicone rubber and carbon black varieties should be some changes, under normal circumstances the 100 base polymer can be used with 10 to 200 carbon black.
    The base material containing conductive filler prepared with organic solvents, dispersion, again dispersed liquid platinum catalyst and crosslinking agent containing Si-H groups, can be formulated into a dispersion of conductive liquid silicone for sensor, printing inks, adhesives, and other aspects. High temperature graphitization of carbon black semi-conductive filler, together with bonding additives, can be dubbed stable in the range of 106 ~ 108Ω · cm resistivity, metal, plastic, adhesive and molding liquid silicone rubber. For antistatic, electromagnetic broken shield and rubber roller production.

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