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Dawn hospital Profile-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Chenguang Chemical Research Institute formerly known as Ministry of Chemical Industry Chenguang Chemical Research Institute, based on the polymer chemical new materials research, design, production and sales as the main scientific and technological enterprises. Mainly engaged in research and development and production and sales of silicone materials, engineering plastics materials, fine chemical materials and plastics processing equipment and other fields, and involved in chemical engineering, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical information services, trade in chemical products, integrated property management areas.
I. History
Chenguang Chemical Research Institute was founded in 1965. Due to the needs of national defense "three-line construction, by the Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Institute of four Institute of New Chemical Materials Professional into Fushun County, Sichuan Province, formed Inland composition. Directly under the Ministry of Chemical Industry R & D unit, then known as the Ministry of Chemical Industry Chenguang Chemical Research Institute.
Accept the United Nations Industrial Development Agency assistance in 1985 to form the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Chengdu Organic Silicon Research Center ", and in 1987 moved from Fushun County, Sichuan Province, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was renamed the Ministry of Chemical Industry Chenguang Chemical Research Institute (Chengdu). July 1, 1999, owned 242 research units according to the State Economic and Trade Commission 10 National Bureau by the institutions changed the corporate restructuring requirements, the Court as a whole into the China National Bluestar (Group) Corporation, renaming it in the blue dawn Chemical Research Institute.
Second, the overall profile
The hospital is based on silicone materials, organic fluorine materials, engineering plastics, specialty fibers, bonding materials, new chemical materials research and development as the main scientific and technological enterprises.
The total assets of nearly $ 400 million, while "Morning" brand and a large number of scientific and technological achievements to the formation of the inestimable value of intangible assets. 1999 after the conversion, by constructing and constantly improve the modern enterprise system, continued to deepen reform, research and industry, leading industry, and the coordinated development of related industries, and economic benefits of continuous improvement. The Court has gradually become a science and technology, innovation-oriented enterprises with certain scale and influence. Transformed since the aggregate income of nearly 15 billion yuan, total profit of 370 million yuan.
The hospital has a perfect matching professional and excellent R & D resources. With research, analysis and testing, information design, instrumentation, automation, standards supporting professional, necessary for the production Grade Engineering Design Institute, have good equipment and processing capacity, and basically complete range of analytical instruments and library Information Tools, Internet network, office automation, local area network (OA Network), CD-ROM stations.
The hospital has 3,000 sets of equipment, large precision instruments of more than 20 200 sets of imported equipment, instruments, libraries have the bound volume of the foreign language books and periodicals of various kinds 125 000, more than 1,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals.
Existing staff of 300 people, professional and technical personnel accounting for 70%. Among them, about 100 people with senior titles (including 10 professor-level senior), with intermediate grade 80. Has a master's degree more than about 10% of all employees, with a Bachelor degree or above accounted for about 45%, with a College degree or above accounted for about 70%. There are 34 experts enjoy the government special contribution allowance.
There are a number of experts for provincial and ministerial level young science and technology experts, the outstanding contributions of outstanding experts, academic and technology leaders in a pool of reserves.
May 2006 School of Ministry of Personnel granted to enterprises doctoral research station. "
Third, the main business
The hospital main areas of expertise are: silicone material, organic fluorine materials, engineering plastics and plastic alloy, modified engineering plastics, specialty fibers, fine chemical materials, biological products, chemical equipment, as well as for scientific research supporting the engineering design, instrumentation, automation, analysis and testing and scientific and technological information services. Among them, silicone materials, organic fluorine materials, engineering plastics, specialty fiber and other professional areas of the country's leading technical level, part of the project has reached the international advanced level.
The industrial base for the test base in the morning shiyangchang built several 10 production lines at the base, the comprehensive production capacity of over ten thousand tons. In Xinjin County, under construction in the dawn of new materials science and technology park will greatly enhance the scale of industrialization and modernization level of the hospital.
Product has been put on the market up to more than 400 species, including special silicone monomer, silicone rubber, silicone, silicone products; of special engineering plastics and plastic alloys and blends of engineering plastics and other products and products; special fiber Aramid II, III aramid, PBO, and other products; epoxy and silicone adhesive and potting compound products; no-clean flux series of electronic chemicals; series of biological separation media; biological products; silicon fluoride modified leather chemical products, twin-screw reactive extrusion machine for chemical industry equipment.
The hospital actively expanding sales channels, and vigorously develop the domestic market, actively carry out international trade business, and has shown a good growth. At present, the modified plastics and other products while gradually expanding domestic market share, export trade volume continues to grow steadily.
Fourth, technological development and scientific research
Hospital to the scientific development concept as a guide, pay close attention to technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness. Strengthen research and development work at the same time, actively promote the development of major research projects and made significant progress. At the same time, actively expand scientific research sources and reporting channels, and laid a good technological base for the sustainable development of our hospital.
Establishment of the hospital the past four decades, the Court has undertaken more than 800 high-tech projects, accumulated more than 500 scientific and technological achievements, the award-winning results 267 above provincial and ministerial prizes and 208; apply for 68 domestic and foreign patents. 48 have been patent. The winning projects, the national awards (National Science and Technology Progress Award, National Invention Award, the National Science Conference Award, etc.) 47; 179 provincial and ministerial awards. Transfer of technology to more than 100 projects, radiating the whole country (including Taiwan, Hong Kong) 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and nearly two hundred enterprises, and radiation, India, Romania, Poland, South Korea and other countries. Achieved good economic and social benefits.
Fifth, the technical support
Hospital for ten key institutions one of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, the National Organic Silicon Engineering Research Center, the country of Structure Engineering Plastics Engineering Technology Research Center, the synthetic resin of the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, recognized by the national review of synthetic materials test experiment Room, National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee, Ministry of Chemical Industry Leather Chemical Engineering Research Center, Chengdu, coatings, adhesives Engineering Research Center, Separation of Natural Products Engineering Center in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, automation and computer applications, professional committee, Ministry of Chemical Industry synthetic resin and plastics industry information Terminus, Chinese fluorine silicon organic material Industry Association silicone Professional Committee, the Professional Committee of China Engineering Plastics Association, resin-modified, Chengdu, natural product isolation Association industry authority based on the unit, and organized by the plastics industry, silicone materials and the separation of natural products "core journals, for domestic and international distribution, and efficient academic and information support.
With the advanced management concept and a flexible and efficient research and development, industrial development mechanism, the research strengths of the hospital will constantly enhance technical innovation, product innovation will continue to increase, the capacity and scale of industrialization will continue to expand. Future development, the Court will continue to broaden their horizons, strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and improve the enterprise's comprehensive strength, to strengthen the high-end development, to expand the industrial scale, and strive to create the industry's leading science and technology enterprises.

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