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Silica gel science knowledge popularization posts-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Everyone is familiar with the term "silicone". We often think of the silicone rubber when we talk about breast augmentation, facial filler, artificial limb, medical catheter, etc. However, what is the silicon in the end? I was very confused when I come into contact with the word of silicone. Because I am in the industry of silicone mold now, the silicone is always referred to in the industry. In fact, the silicone refers to a kind of synthetic rubber most of the time, that is, it contains silicon synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is also known as silicone rubber, then what is the relationship between "silicon "and" silicone rubber” in the end?


Silicone should be the condensation of silicon dioxide and its molecular formula is mSiO2 • H2O, which are mentioned in some chemistry book. The "silicone" is a highly active adsorption material, belonging to the amorphous material, which is insoluble in water and any solvent. It has features of non-toxic, odorless, chemically stable and does not react with any substance in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid. And we often say that silicone used for rhinoplasty and breast enhancement is the kind of silicone rubber.


In the mold industry, silicone we often mentioned is not the condensation of silicon dioxide above mentioned. The silicone of mold industry is a linear polymer elastomer polymerized by dimethyl siloxane elastomer with other organic silicon monomer, hereinafter referred to as SIR. Macromolecular main chain is based on the Si - O unit, with monovalent organic groups as side group.



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Silicone of mold industry has a variety of types and uses. As to product performance, they have a large gap according to different raw materials. In general, this kind of "silicone" shows a trend of replacing silicone rubber in the future.


In many cases, "silicone" we often mentioned is neither the condensation of silicon dioxide nor the synthetic rubber above mentioned in mold industry. The above two types of products are all called silicone. At this time, "silicone" is divided into organic silicone and inorganic silicone. Inorganic silicone is our first mentioned kind of “silicone “that is the condensation of silicon dioxide. While, silicone of mold industry is known as organic silicone because of it contains hydrocarbon groups.


From the above three cases, the concept of "silicone" is very confusing. It is a pity that the silicone rubber is not clear provisions of the state up to now. When hearing the word of “silicone ", we must engage in to understand it is silicon dioxide or silicon-containing synthetic rubber, and inorganic silicone or organic silicone.


Above all, when people mention the word "silicone", we should have knowledge of his general concept. It is the most important thing to understand his chemical structure, rather than see what he would call. We hope that the state standardized the term of silicone earlier at the same time.


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