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The production of silicone mold we should pay attention to-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Operating Instructions of silicone mold:

1. Choose a perfect original model, and polish and smooth it with release agent.

2. Cut the wooden board and vacuum tank at proper size. Cling the original mold to the vacuum tank with 502 glue, then adhere it to the board. (The volume of vacuum tank should be larger than or equal to the size of the original mold)

3. Prepare the right amount liquid silicone rubber according to the size of the mold, and mix it with the catalyst evenly at the mixing ratio of 100:2 at the room temperature.

4. Pour the mixed silicon into the mold frame.

5. Please stir constantly with your hand. On the one hand, it can exhaust bubbles; on the other hand, it can make the silicone seep into every angle and every tiny grain.

6. Remove the cardboards or wooden boards after the silicon is totally cured in about 4 hours.

7. Since the mold is required an external mold, we need to set up a external mold frame with wooden boards. And pour the plaster into the external mold frame.

8. Pull down the boards when the plaster is drying (the drying time is about 8-10 minutes).

9. Shave the surface of the external mold to smooth with a scraper knife. After shaving, take the external mold off when the plaster is totally cured.


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1. Usually the ratio of curing agent is 2-3%. But the proportion of catalyst should be changed according to the change of the local operating temperature. For example, the mixing ratio can be 100 to 2 under room-temperature 25 ; if the local weather is about 10 , then the maximum mixing ratio should be 5%; When local temperature is -5 , no reaction will happen between the silicone and hardener; once the temperature of local weather is 38-45 , the mixing ratio of silicone and curing agent should be 1 %. When the temperature rises, the amount of the curing agent to be added should be reduced, otherwise the mold is easy to harden and become brittle. The amount of the curing agent is too low, and the operating time will be extended.

2. We suggest that you don't add silicone oil into the liquid silicone rubber to prevent changes in physical properties of the silicone mold. If it is necessary, the ratio must be 5%-10%.

3. This silicone mold is stored at least 24 hours before use, which can achieve the best results for your mold.


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