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Silicone molding plastic paper-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone molding plastic paper

Silicone molding plastic paper            Silicone molding plastic is made of silicone resin, fillers, catalysts, coloring agent, demoulding and curing agent after mixing into a thermosetting plastic. The commonly used packing: glass fiber, asbestos, silica powder, talcum powder, mica; catalyst is alumina, triethanolamine and triethanolamine with benzoyl peroxide mixture; stripping machine is commonly used calcium oleate.
The basic composition of silicone molding plastic:

Silicone resin precondensate: 25%

Packing: 73%

Pigment: >1%

Release agent: 1%

Catalyst: trace
Silicone resin precondensate is linear terminal hydroxyl containing polymethylsiloxane, R2Si=1.0 to 1.7, phenyl in organic groups in the proportion of 30% to 90%. In the presence of catalyst heating dehydration condensation forming body structure. The silicone resin precondensate with catalyst and the appropriate fillers such as glass fiber, asbestos or diatomite, pump to the solvent, and then the resin filler mixture at 110 ℃ curing for 10 minutes, cooling, crushing, to prepare the molding powder.

There are two kinds of molding process molding powder: one kind is to use compression model; another is the use of transfer model. Molding conditions are: temperature 0 ℃ to 175 ℃, pressure 300-700 kg / cm 2, molding, curing time is 15 to 30 minutes. The molded parts by heat release, and delivered to the oven for curing at 90 ℃, then slowly to raise the temperature to 250 ℃, finally after curing for 72 hours in order to improve the performance of parts.
According to different purposes, silicone molding plastic silicone molding plastic can be divided silicone molding plastic for structural materials and semiconductor package using two types.

Silicone molding plastic material used

 Silicone asbestos, glass fiber and quartz powder molded plastic heating at 300 ℃ for 500 hours, without change of their mechanical strength and electrical properties, weight loss is only 2%-2.5%; 350 ℃ for 1000 hours or 400 ℃ for 100 hours, the mechanical strength decreased only in 20%-50%, material is not destroyed, keep the prototype parts

Silicone molding plastic is widely used in aerospace, rockets, graded manufacturing, radio, electrical and instrumentation industry, insulation material for contactor, wiring board, all kinds of heat production of large power DC motor, together with the shell and can be used for a long time over 200 ℃ and electric equipment parts, such as the brush rack ring, a coil frame, electrical parts, Ling arc cover, printed circuit plate, resistance and reversing switch, power distribution panel.

Silicone molding plastic for semiconductor package

Structure material for organosilicon  plastics can be used to encapsulate small power transistor, integrated circuit, the high-frequency power transistors and other semiconductor devices, the use of silicone molding plastic answer metal, ceramic as packaging materials for semiconductor and integrated circuit, can greatly reduce process (such as silicon controlled by 47 processes the original ceramic packaging reduction to 9 steps), reduce the labor intensity, the rate of qualified products increased greatly; and because of saving a lot of nickel, cobalt and other rare metals, cost can be greatly reduced. Such as ceramic shell scale integrated circuit in a block is 8 yuan, silicone plastic housing less than 8 cents.

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