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Organic fluorine-containing demoulding agent-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Organic fluorine-containing demoulding agent

Organic fluorine-containing demoulding agent     Vulcanized rubber demoulding technology, application of organic fluorine release agent has good effect. The use of organic fluorine release agent, mold release agent coated D-PTFE solvent, concentration of 3-5%. Coated once, after sintering, curing, can be used for a long time. Continuous use of 60 times, due to the mold with scraper touch a scar on the edge, mold release coating is partially detached, can be recoated. Thus, the test sheet and die without bonding phenomenon, reduces labor intensity, improves the work efficiency, high rate of finished products, parts and good gloss.

The use of organic fluorine release agent has the following advantages:

1. excellent mold release characteristics, suitable for sticky materials and complex shaped parts molding release agent.

2. intermolecular force is small, low melt viscosity, in the mold coating is very thin, uniform coating, high surface smoothness processing.

3. heat resistance, cold resistance, available at -200 ~ 250 ℃for long-term use.

4. good chemical stability. Coating for nearly all the reagents are no role for rubber, plastics processing, adding the   strong oxidizing agent, reducing agent.

5. dry stripping, the mold is not sticky, no pollution, with stain resistance, oil resistance.

6.The solvent is mainly F113, alcohol, non-toxic, can in the food industry and medical industry application

7. simple use, safety and reliability, reduce labor intensity, improve the production efficiency. Work environment, non-toxic tasteless.

Organic fluoride release agent upon application, get the welcome of the user, to solve the difficulties in processing molding.

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