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Historical relics copy silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Historical relics copy silica gel       Historical relics copy silicone is dedicated to historical relics copy of two-component silicone mold, the artifacts are copied to make rare artifacts can be better protected, and fully play its role. The heritage replication, replica molding mold making is an indispensable and technically demanding and complex process. Historical relics copy silicone is also called: historical relics copy glue, historical relics of historical relics copy copy silicone, silicone, historical relics copy of silicone rubber, silicone historical relics copy.

      Historical relics copy of silica gel and gypsum molding difference:

      Although, plaster mould making technology in conservation circles has been widely applied. But because the stone Hao molding copying and release limited to replicate those decorations, fine, complex pattern, convex surface of deep cultural relics, but it has some difficulties. For example, it will be difficult to complete the pattern of cultural details, clearly reflected in the mold. Furthermore, gypsum hard not resilient, the release is not convenient. Release, it is inevitable that gypsum residue in the cultural patterns recess. So, often in the removal of gypsum debris tends to relics injury. Can not ensure the safety of precious relics. Silicone material form is various, it can be made into liquid oil and paint. The cream of the lipid, elastic rubber ( cent is transparent and opaque) of a hard plastic, as well as milk emulsion.

Historical relics copy silica gel characteristics:

1 historical relics copy silicone has good performance.2 historical relics copy silicone has good fluidity, low viscosity easy operation.3. The smaller the better.4.good tensile strength 5 historical relics copy silicone mold is not deformation, not to hurt the relics of fine surface pattern.

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