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703 electronic silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

703 electronic silica gel,703 electronic silicone        703 electronic silica gel, it is a single component ( the so-called component, is a kind of without mixing curing agent, the moisture in the air around the silicone curing liquid ) RTV silicone sealant. This kind of liquid silica gel with non-toxic, non-corrosive, no environmental pollution, fully in line with the concept of green tide now. Silica gel on the circuit board, curing is complete, it has become a good flexibility, similar to rubber transparent solid. The curing of the circuit board, has the advantages of long life, wide temperature range, excellent electrical performance, impact resistance, vibration and so on. Widely used in PCB circuit board assembly, household appliances, instrumentation, high voltage power PTC heater, lights, lighting and other industries. Electronic components are fixed, bonding, sealing and vibration of the ideal material.

Specifically, the 703 electronic silica gel has the following characteristics:

1, does not contain heavy metals, toxic;
2, with super high performance at low temperature -60 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, part of the special productHigh temperature above 300 ℃.
3, excellent insulating properties;
4, excellent aging resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light;
5, to metal, plastic and other materials are no corrosion;6, good earthquake, earthquake resistance, shock absorption effect;7, convenient use, Dan Zufen packaging, surface curing time is 5-15 minutes.

Next, let us know, 703 electronic silica gel, in preservation is in use process, matters need attention:

1, stored in a dry, dark place in 25℃, preservation period of one year;
2, curing need moist air ( derived from one-component sake ), it is not suitable for large area of the adhesive;
3, because the product non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non dangerous goods, it need not when the storage of chemicals.
4, when the packaging apparatus has cured, removing cured after normal use, as usual.

Companies specializing in the production of 703 electronic silica, specific models are: HY-210 and HY-215.

Please click to view the performance parameters:  HY-210 、HY-215.

if you have any questions, please give us: E-MAIL, red silicone will serve you, to provide quality products and good after sale service.

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