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Fixing roller with silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Fixing roller with silicone rubber           Heat curable liquid silicone rubber composition, due to good formability, forming can be endowed with heat resistance, good electrical insulating property of silicone rubber, is used in various fields, which, due to heat resistance, good releasability in plain paper copiers, laser printers, fax printers such as the fixed roller use. Fixing roller with silicone rubber is mainly used in electrophotographic copiers, printers, fax machines and other electrostatic recording device in the heating fixing device fixing roll silicone rubber layer of the fixing roller with silicone rubber composition and the fixing roller.

          The use of electronic photographic method machine had to be brought from the surface of the photoreceptor is transferred to the copy paper of the toner image is fixed on the copy paper. As fixing the toner image method, widely used in the copier mutual crimp rotation has been heated by the heating roller and the pressure roller through the copy paper, toner image on the hot melt adhesive fixing method. The hot melt adhesive method, generally through improving roll materials thermal system can become response fast copier, printer, on the other hand, high thermal conductivity material heat quickly, in miniaturization, low price trend, and needs low thermal conductivity, the thermal storage materials with good.

        Fixing roller with silicone rubber containing hollow filler, water organic silicone compositions added residual crosslinked organopolysiloxane, using the same fixed roller setting fluorine resin mold release layer can be as the mandrel coated silicone rubber single roller is used, can be with the toner releasability of good fixed roller.

        Fixing roller with silicone rubber can be in the roll peripheral using high thermal conductivity curing layer five of the roller, the silicone rubber molding, curing method can have a lot of choices, for example, can be used for injection molding, transfer molding, injection molding, coating, method of forming, by adding curing. At this point, the silicone rubber curing temperature optimum conditions of 60~180 degrees, more preferably 80~160 degrees, curing time, preferably 1 minutes for ~12 hours, more preferably 1 minutes for ~3 hours, and 3 minutes for ~2 hours. As the 2 curing temperature conditions, preferably 120 degrees, in a preferred is above 150 degrees, and preferably 180 to 250 degrees 20 minutes, curing time of ~24 hours. In addition, in order to have a smooth surface, and can also be cured rubber portions of the surface layer grinding.

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