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Ion conductive silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


Ion conductive silicone rubber          A method for electronic photographic imaging device of roller base similar products to old ionic conductive rubber composition, and the use of the composition of the ion conductive roller. Based on the introduction of hydride polysiloxane polyether structure, then the synthesized product and containing alkenyl of polysiloxane and phenol antioxidant compound, the composition and cured product surface adhesion, is achieved by ion conductive silicone rubber.

Ion conductive silicone rubber including:

A. a contains at least two bonded to silicon atoms of the alkene Kidd organic polysiloxane
B. includes at least 2 bonded to silicon atoms of hydrogen and one by alkylene bonded to a silicon atom in the organic hydride polysiloxane polyether moiety
C. hydrosilylation reaction catalyst
D. ion conductive compound, and e phenolic antioxidant

       The composition of the rubber surface without adhesive or no oil leakage, its resistance with voltage changes demonstrated changes very small, for manufacturing electrophotographic urban and rural devices and similar devices in the rubber roller is ideal.

        Ion conductive silicone rubber is a two-component additive liquid silicone rubber. Liquid silicone rubber are relatively mixing type semi solid silicone rubber and common room temperature vulcanized one-component silicone is a kind of organic silica gel, the gel has good dynamic vulcanization of sulfur, fast, can cast molding can be injection molded. Liquid silicone rubber was divided into type and a type two categories. Liquid silicone rubber can be cured at room temperature can be cured at high temperature. High temperature curing can be in several seconds of curing process.

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