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Cosmetic contact lenses silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         Silicone rubber is the main material for medical use, it is living good compatibility, no rejection. Medical applications, such as plastic, repair materials, medical devices, implants and other life. Silicone rubber surface activity to improve its life compatibility, reduce tissue inflammation, prevent protein adsorption and bacterial growth. Through the use of polyethylene glycol on the surface modification of silicone rubber. Polyethylene glycol derivatives is only used in the body of the polymer. Polyethylene glycol on surface modification, and silicon rubber material into a whole, greatly improve the hydrophilic layer density, uniformity, and stability, its surface basically not adsorbed proteins, and to maintain a permanent hydrophilic, at the same time, the surface of the biological compatibility of more perfect.

         Poly methyl vinyl siloxane, is composed of two methyl siloxane monomers and other organic silicon monomer in acid or alkaline catalyst polymerization, relative molecular weight in the 400000 general ~50 million. The silicone rubber production of cosmetic contact lenses, contact lenses and other products with Chinese security.

Cosmetic contact lenses silicone rubber properties:

1.solid silicone rubber can be used instead of bone or cartilage, as tissue filling or scaffold materials, thus can be made of artificial joint, artificial tendon to repair the joint and tendon defect. Plastic materials used for repair of facial, ear, nose deformity and defect material at.
2.In the foam type medical silicone rubber can be substituted for human adipose tissue, body repair facial subcutaneous tissue defects, such as half facial atrophy.
3. film type medical silicon rubber sheath substitute available; external intestinal fistula plug sheet from the silica gel, its role in the intestinal cavity fistula closure, the intestinal fluid leakage, maintaining bowel patency, enteral nutrition, reduce complications, simplifies the treatment of intestinal fistula.
4. liquid silicone rubber and silicone oil, as a low viscosity liquid, use of coarse needle combined silicone oil injection to the cranial facial depression deformity, convenient to use, can be used, no hospitalization.

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