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Silicon rubber mold manufacturing process-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Silicon rubber mold manufacturing process is a relatively popular rapid die manufacturing method. Because the silicon rubber mold has good flexibility and elasticity, can make the complicated structure, pattern fine, no draft or even inverted draft and has a deep groove type parts, short production cycle, production of high quality, and thus in the new product development of single or small batch sample rapid production of concern.

       At present based on the rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technology of silicone rubber products manufacturing process, is the use of SLA, FDM, LOM or SLS technology to manufacture the product prototype, in turn into silicon rubber mold, mold attention to two-component liquid resin, solidifying to obtain the needed parts. Selection of different components and properties of two-component resin and its composition, can make the resin parts mechanical properties close to the ABS or PP material for plastic parts.

      In view of the existing silicone rubber mold manufacturing process technology in waste materials such as inadequate, provides a low cost, mould parts easy to release, long service life of the die silicone rubber mold manufacturing process.

A silicone rubber mold manufacturing process, the process is:

1 in the prototype prototype parting surface of the side surface with a layer of clay or plasticine layer, and making 1.5 mould frame;

2 casting the gypsum slurry into the mold box;

3 the gypsum slurry from exemplar prototype mouldjoint after solidification, the removal of clay or plasticine layer, and cleaning the cavity;

4 silicone rubber mix evenly, vacuum deaeration cast in plaster and exemplar prototype mouldjoint cavity, and the silicon rubber material is vulcanized;

5 remove exemplar prototype, cleaning the cavity;

6 according to the steps of making the other half die. The invention of the technology in the mold cavity surface pouring a layer of the silicon rubber material, reducing the silicon rubber material consumption, reduced the mold making cost, at the same time, parts easy to from a thin-walled silicone rubber mold, to overcome the traditional silicon rubber mold casting parts in a mold process is difficult to remove by the quality problem of the products, improve the service life of silicon rubber mould.

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