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Joint sealants-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

          Joint sealant material, usually there is a viscosity of 5~20pa.s a, w- two hydroxy poly two methyl siloxane with silica, calcium carbonate filler and properties of additives with. Vulcanizing machine for the main components containing linear two B aminooxy siloxane oligomers or ring containing two ethylene aminooxy polysiloxane.

Frame sealant and joint sealants difference

         Structural sealant has the sealing function of the elastic adhesive, bonding interface and to bear and transfer loads of the structure is the main characteristic in under alternating stress can change shape and has enough intensity. Sealant is seam sealed as the main function of stable bonding interface, and elastic or elastoplastic structure adapted to changes on the joint displacement, recirculation deformation without destruction.

Joint sealants is mainly used for joint displacements of large amount of low modulus sealant, its performance characteristics are as follows:

1. with low modulus and high elongation, the joint displacement follower of;

2. tear resistance, fatigue resistance ( plus or minus 25% stretch 20000 thereafter physical properties substantially constant );

3. using the primer, on a variety of substrates have good durability of adhesive;

4. mixing vulcanizing machine, having a longer working time, 2~3 hours;

5. the good construction stability, seasonal influence;

6. dry time is longer, about 10h;

7. complete vulcanization time is about 7d8 high temperature, high humidity environment curing incomplete.

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