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LED power thermal conductivity of silicone potting-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         LED power thermal conductivity of silicone potting is a white and grey liquid, has good fluidity, easy to penetrate into the product space. LED power thermal conductivity of silicone potting also has high and low temperature performance can be negative in 60 ~ 250 degrees for long-term use, after curing without bubbles, smooth surface, good gloss. Solidifying material has excellent resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light resistance, aging resistance and excellent electrical insulation thermal conductivity, cured product has certain flame retardancy, insulation and waterproof oil dust properties, compressive strength, adhesion and other electrical and physical properties.

       LED power thermal conductivity of silicone potting is mainly used for packaging, filling and sealing, insulation and waterproof oil dust-proof and moisture-proof electronic or base its products can be used. Widely used in power supply of LED, HID, LED backlight power electronic ballasts, electrical and instrument table for potting material for electronic parts, can extend the life of.

LED power heat conducting silicone potting method using:

1 when will the rubber from the packaging barrel out, A, B sizing each takes what he needs;

2 ratio of this product A:B=100:100 ( weight ratio) ratio;

3.The sealing products need to keep dry, clean;

4 stirring please make for glue, and try to use time use have been mixed glue;

5 mix evenly after vacuum exhaust bubble ( or compressed air bubble ), poured into the dry cleaning product, 4 hours can be fully vulcanized, 24 small fully cured, 80 degrees

6 minutes heat vulcanization. Another can be formulated according to customer requirements.6 after perfusion, glue will gradually seep to the product of the gap, if necessary two glue;7 after curing process, please keep the environment clean to avoid dirt, impurities or dirt into the uncured plastic liquid surface.

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