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Heat insulating silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

           Heat insulating silicone rubber materials are widely used in household appliances, computer, test equipment and all other electronic products, is to replace the traditional mica sheet and heat oil (paste ) of the new thermal insulation material. The product is made of silicone rubber, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, deca, structure of vulcanizing agent double "two four ", plastic color ( blue 1521, black 1801 ), glass fiber cloth, through reasonable formula and processing technology. Its products are adhesive tape, film, bushing, sleeve cap, used in electronic equipment within the large, medium power transistor, SCR and other requirements for heat insulation device, has a good insulation, heat quickly, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, high impedance characteristics, overcomes the mica sheet is easy to break, the thermal conductivity, heat dissipation oil (paste ) unstable performance and inconvenient disassembly and assembly. The product improves the number of electrical parameters, and has the advantages of stable performance, no environmental pollution, economical and practical advantages, is to adapt to the modern electronic industry development requirements of the molecular electronic material.

       Heat insulating silicone rubber material made of a polymeric chemical material. Because of its good thermal and insulating performance, is widely used in the field of electronic industry. In all kinds of household appliances, computer, test equipment, and aerospace fields of many electronic devices have large, medium power transistor, SCR, in the working state of hyperthermia device. Heating device itself requires the timely heat, device and circuit board ground contact surface shall also cooling and insulation, so that the heating device itself and the machine are maintained in allowed working temperature and safely without leakage, in order to ensure the normal working state of electronic equipment. Heat insulating silicone rubber material is used for the above purposes.

      The heat insulating silicone rubber material for a number of stable electrical and physical properties make it has excellent thermal and insulating performance. Installed in electronic devices within a large, medium power transistor, SCR radiator assembly surface heat insulating silicone rubber film, tape and attached to the outer surface of the sleeve cap, casing, can play a good thermal insulation effect, increasing the heat channel, reduce the electronic device and the whole machine temperature, so as to improve the machine's working time and life expectancy. And the raw materials are cheap, convenient disassembly and assembly.

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