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Single component high conductive silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


         Any electronic equipment work needs to consume electric energy, wherein part of the energy will be in the form of electromagnetic waves through the electronic circuit package slot hole and other parts, the radiation into the surrounding space, thus forming an electromagnetic interference. On one hand, the electromagnetic interference will seriously affect the internal system of the independent electronic unit normal work and normal signal routing design, on the other hand, the electromagnetic interference would produce electromagnetic pollution, influence of external environment sensitive electronic equipment normal work, also can cause the information leakage, and the potential threat to human health.

        In existing technique, often used in the electronic circuit package is loaded with conductive elastomer, such as a conductive rubber, to realize the electromagnetic shielding shell sealing box, and effectively restrain the electromagnetic interference generated by electronic equipment. As highly conductive silicone rubber, an addition vulcanization type conductive silicone rubber composition, which contains 100 parts by weight of silicon rubber and 50~6000 portions of the metal matrix conductive filler. Wireless communication technology to the rapid development of digital technology, are widely used, electronic equipment to a small combine more high-speed development, the traditional solid conductive rubber plate, rubber strip has been unable to adapt to the automation, the mass production of conductive elastomer in the narrow wall of the outer shell application tell growth requirements.

       Single component high conductive silicone rubber is mainly applied to electromagnetic shielding and environmental sealing. One component room temperature curable nigh conductive silicone rubber of the invention compared with the existing technology, material saving, with room temperature vulcanizing properties, can be used directly, shorten working hours, cost saving, high shielding performance, saves assembly space, great market value. Single component high conductive silicone rubber curing at room temperature, rapid deep. Can be applied to PC ( Poly-carbonate ), PP, ABS, PVC and other materials and the metal surface, has excellent adhesion properties.

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