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What is the manual model?-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The original mold, which never exists, is carved out through others's designs, and which duplicated from silicone rubber is called manual model.

Application of Manual mold silicone:

Manual mold silicone rubber is mainly used for model design of manual mold, PVC plastic molds, cement products, low melting point alloy molds, alloy toys, plastic toys, electronics, handicrafts, stationery, large-scale sculpture, reproduction of cultural relic, shoe sole molds, pad printing allocation, Electronic equipment antivibration, and so on.

Profile of manual mold silicone:

HY-528# is applicable to make molds of smaller products and the production will be 2-3 pieces.

HY-540# , compared to other two types, for its moderate hardness and better quality & performance, its production will be 20-30 pieces.

HY-570# is applicable to large size products duplications and  electronic equipment antivibration.

Features of manual mold silicone:

Manual mold silicone has good elasticity, non-deformation , high temperature resistance, low shrinkage. And it is suitable for manual mold design and small duplication mold production.



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