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RTV- silicone rubber is mainly be used as following:-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23
RTV- silicone rubber is mainly be used as following:
1.      Decoration building mould making, including architecture column, porch column, interior column etc
2.      Unsaturated rein crafts, epoxy resin crafts, poly resin crafts , plastic toys and so on.
3.      Concrete decoration, garden statue ,plant, sculpture, Buddha and animal crafts ..
Features of Rtv-2 silicone rubber
1 Two part of liquid fluid: liquid white silicone and curing agent.
2 Cure at room-temperature within 4-8 hours, but all performance will act perfectly when it cure within 24 hours.
3 Good fluidity and excellent operation.
4 Good resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid..
5 Excellent tear strength, comfortable duplication times.
Usually , we do not suggest customer to add silicone oil to the silicone to adjust the shore A. If necessary, we would suggest to add as 5% silicone oil.
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1 Advantage of silicone rubber for molding:
Silicone rubber for molding is a kind of liquid fluid, features good fluidity and good operation., large duplication times.
2 Application of silicone rubber for molding”
Silicone rubber for molding is mainly applicable for make silicone mold for architecture decoration products, resin crafts, lighting ornaments, candles, statues, model design, product exploitation.Etc
3 Features of silicone rubber for molding:
RTV silicone rubber for molding are generally named Two part room-temperature Valcanizatoin silicone rubber, a kind elastic silicone rubber mold which features good resistance to deformation, good durability
4 Operation instruction of silicone rubber for molding:
When it mixed with 2-3% curing agent, they can still be operated within 30 minutes ,but will be formed after 2-4 hours. With resistance to deformation, acid, alkali, expansion.
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