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advantages in the industry of silicon rubber in China-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

There are three advantages in the industry of silicon rubber in China. The develop of the industry in silicon rubber,could accelerate the technology progress itself and strengthen the development of high-performance product variety .At present,the competitive advantage of synthetic rubber industry reflect in three aspects as follows:

              1、There are some core technique support in China.Nowdays,a more complete product system ,including the seven basic types of rubber ,have been established .And the products such as SSBR、SBS    and BR ,which have the core technology supports ,have a good market in China and with the development of market demand,there will be a further  expand market share. At the same time ,as the technical building equipment of EPR、NBR、IIR,the products have been successfully entered the market.

2、There will be a huge market demand of synthetic rubber in China .The  investment focus of synthetic rubber in the world have already shifed to developing countries ,especially in China .And Chinese are becoming the manufacturing and processing base of tire and rubber products ,also is the key areas in rubber market competiton in the world.

3、  There is long-time shortage of nature rubber in China .The import volum of nature rubber are 850,000 tons imports in 2000,and up to 1,600,000 tons in 2007 .Also,the dependment of import volume is increasing.To enhance the  using proportion

 of  silicon rubber have bcome a important way to solve the shortage supply of nature rubber.The silicon rubber ,which could part replace or all replace the nature rubber, will have a larger market.

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