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The silicone industry status quo: the international giants occupy the high-end market data on the advantages

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

According to statistics, China's LED packaging companies around 1500, the number of high-end packaging companies is gradually increasing, but the package with high-performance silicone to import the majority of foreign enterprises, has an absolute advantage.
The silicone is mainly used for LED packaging, global package silicone is mainly provided by Japan's Shin-Etsu Chemical and Dow Corning, currently the silicone market is the trend of polarization, the dominant foreign enterprises in the high-end market as well as the price of domestic silicone war to seize the low-end market, "said CEO of a silicone enterprises in Dongguan.
Three silicone position of absolute dominance in the domestic high-end market
International enterprises of the three silicone, Dow Corning (Japan), Momentive (USA), Shin-Etsu (Japan) has an absolute advantage in the domestic market, positioning the high-end packaging market, Tempo, Taiwan, Changxing, Jie fruit, Tianli such as silicone enterprises in the domestic mid-package market occupies an important share; domestic silicone enterprises located in the low-end market.
Three international brands of silicone have their own advantages, Dow Corning's point silicone dominant, high-power package more than 80 percent of Dow Corning silica gel, 50% of the market share in mainland China; Japan's Shin-Etsu Silicone positioning more high-end, many high-end packaging companies to specify the use Shin-Etsu products; the Momentive power 3528,5050 silicone occupies an important position in the market. "Tianli mainland agents Shenzhen the Oceanside Technology Co., Ltd marketing staff, Chen Wenbin said.
When domestic silicone a price war, the international three silicone enterprise, quality and brand is still to win, the market price of the Dow Corning silicone for 5000-6000 yuan / kg, Shin-Etsu is 7000 yuan / kg, Momentive silicone in 5000 yuan / kg while the price of domestic silica gel maintained at about 500-1000 yuan / kg, Momentive agents salesman Michael said.
It is understood that the three silicone brands has a history of nearly a hundred years, has a wealth of experience, Dow Corning was established in 1943; Momentive pre Toshiba of Japan, by the General Electric Holdings, sold to the United States Apollo, named Momentive has more than 80 years history.
In addition to a rich experience, the three international silicone enterprise product technology and quality advantages. It is understood that the Dow Corning silicone refractive index of 1.5, Taiwanese enterprises have close to 150 domestic silica gel is about 1.4. Chen Wenbin said, the silicone abroad to meet the needs of the domestic high-end packaging companies. Domestic packaging companies a huge market, however, foreign companies silicone dominant in the country.
Domestic silicone only to meet the market demand of low-end package
At present, the silicone enterprise much more than agents of foreign companies or products of Taiwan enterprises, the domestic silicone basic would not join the mainstream, only to meet the customer needs of low-end package.
Do chemical companies, but small scale, lack of funds, lack of technology and domestic the silicone enterprises to low-end market, cheap, quality clunky, Chen Wenbin said.
"At present, China-made silicone applicable to a variety of LED packaging products, but the relatively low resistance to the old life of LED lighting products with a higher, select import silicone relatively better", said Marketing Director of a packaging company.

But some people think domestic silica gel has reached the international level, domestic the silicone enterprises set up time is not long, the lack of awareness and recognition of domestic silica gel on the market. Domestic silica gel has reached a level of international market, the product is more mature, heat and resistant to the old have reached a certain level of "a company in Dongguan market.
LED package currently on the market with silicone into a variety of high power LED, SMD LED, high power LED is divided into the lens, integrated and mold strips, which lens silicone requirement is relatively low, other package on silica gel demanding. "At present, the lens package can use the domestic silica gel.
  Domestic the silicone enterprises established about 20-30 years or so, but as technology improved, and the emphasis on the level of technology, domestic silica gel gradually to meet the needs of the domestic terminal market.

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