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Guangdong Province LED silicone industry realized a total industrial output value 85.3 billion yuan Date:2013-04-24

          Has been hailed as a "global lighting" exhibition at the 16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, recently held in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center. More than 2,600 exhibiting companies from 47 countries and regions. Reporters learned from the exhibition, Guangdong of led lighting accounts for 70 percent of the national market, LED silicone industry in Guangdong Province last year, industrial output value 85.3 billion yuan.
Panasonic technology experience zone in the show to see, the company exhibited at the Milan International Furniture Fair on the part of the LED lighting caused many in the audience to gather around the light quality research of the latest LED lighting, fluorescent efficient lighting and new light in consumption those of great interest. According to the Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd Directors Pan Wenbo, this exhibition includes the World lighting giant Matsushita Electric, Osram, GE, etc. have won a large area of ​​the booth exhibitors, in order to grab the huge LED market. It is reported that in 2010, the LED industry in Guangdong Province realized an industrial output value 85.3 billion yuan, while the LED lighting industry output of over 150 billion yuan. Expected the fastest in 2015, the share of the LED lighting market in China will reach 20 percent, driven by the industrial scale up to 500 billion yuan, China will enter the top three global LED lighting market.

        President of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Lighting Man still wins the vice pointed out, emerging industries, semiconductor lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, emerging industries such as fostering the development of strategy in Guangdong Guangdong Province 12th Five-Year Plan Outline "In recent years, Guangdong LED lighting market gaining momentum, it is estimated that the next five years, the LED to replace incandescent fluorescent lamps will account for 50% of the next decade, the data will grow to 80%.

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