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2012 Annual Meeting of Chinese rubber held in Qingdao

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

        March 20, the beautiful coastal city Qingdao turns warm again, but cozy warmth in the seaside Shangri-La Hotel, the rubber industry from around the world gathered here, ushered in the biggest international event of the rubber industry - -2012 Chinese rubber Annual Meeting-cum-Chinese Rubber Industry Exhibition.
This meeting organized by the China Rubber Industry Association. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation president Li Yongwu Liucheng Lin, Deputy Secretary-General of Qingdao Municipal Government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. From around the world rubber industry of more than 1,000 participants in the meeting.
In the past year, China's rubber industry experienced a foreign economic situation, increasing trade friction, the export growth rate dropped significantly; domestic demand weak, especially the automotive industry growth is significantly lower; natural rubber and other raw material price volatility grim situation. through the rubber industry a very difficult year.      2012 global economic uncertainties, more, China's rubber industry will face even greater challenges. The annual meeting is held in this grim background. The theme this year is: deal with the challenges and strengthen cooperation, technological innovation, green development.
Li Wu said in his speech, In recent years, the joint efforts of the rubber industry, rubber industry structure adjustment, technological innovation continue to make an important breakthrough, the industrial structure was further optimized upgrade. In 2011, China's rubber industry to maintain stable and rapid development, "12" a good start, national tire production reached 456 million, the tire radial rate of 86.7 percent, 2.5 percentage points compared to 2010; synthesis rubber self-sufficiency rate of 75%, 15 percentage points. In January-February this year, China's rubber industry continued to maintain steady and rapid development momentum, the radial tire production reached 55.6 million, an increase of 8.8 percent, 0.4 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the tire industry, the product structure was further optimized for the industry to speed up structural adjustment, the way to create the conditions.
Li Wu pointed out that China is still at an important period of strategic opportunities, industrialization, urbanization, information technology, the market, the rapid progress of internationalization, the upgrade of consumption structure and industrial structure is still on the rubber products and a huge demand. However, the uncertainties affecting development of the industry also increased, difficult and tortuous process of world economic recovery. Down economic growth of emerging economies, international trade frictions have increased a great impact on the export of China's petroleum and chemical products. 2012 the "12th Five-Year" period of the past and the hope that the rubber industry to further enhance awareness of opportunities, a sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, a comprehensive grasp of the general tone of "Wenzhongqiujin", to further push forward structural adjustment, technological innovation and energy conservation, to keep the industry stable and rapid development.
Liucheng Lin said in his speech, Qingdao City, and the rubber industry has deep roots in one of the main distribution center of the rubber as China, Qingdao has always been the focus of attention of the international rubber industry. Commitment to expand the extension of the blue economic strategy of the Shandong Peninsula to the development of rubber industry, and deepen the development dimension of the historical mission of the Blue Economy, will become the Qingdao "take the lead in scientific development, to achieve blue across" a "beautiful card." China Rubber Industry Association, the world's largest international exhibition held in Qingdao, will also have an important role in promoting the scientific development of Qingdao.
Fan Rende, president of the China Rubber Industry Association made a report of the Chinese rubber industry development opportunities in the new situation, challenges and strategic. In 2011, China's rubber industry experienced export growth rate dropped significantly, weak domestic demand and pull factors, as well as natural rubber and other raw material prices fluctuations, the run more difficult, but remained overall stable economic operation, not only did not, he stressed the situation in the ups and downs, but the quality of operation has also been optimized product structure adjustment has made new progress. 2012, the global economic uncertainties increase in the next few years the global economy may be in the long period of downturn, Chinese economic growth will further decline will pose greater challenges to the development of China's rubber industry. But at the same time, in countries "Wenzhongqiujin" policy, China's rubber industry in terms of new materials, new energy vehicles, information technology industry in foreign emerging markets still opportunities for development. Therefore, in 2012, China's rubber industry is facing both opportunities and challenges must be difficulties, pioneering and innovative spirit, unswervingly implement powerful strategy for the rubber industry.
Fan Rende detailed analysis of the Chinese rubber industry is facing a structural surplus of tires and other products contradiction highlights the rising costs of multi-factor, the lack of technical personnel and lack of innovative capacity, brand influence is weak, the implementation of the EU tire labeling law, trade frictions, car tire recall seven challenges; and the development of new materials industry, the development of comprehensive utilization of resources industry, the development of new energy automobile market, car export market growth, the development of information industry, the Russian tariffs on imported tires down the Arab market trade growth, China - ASEAN Free Trade District building opportunities on foreign markets, investment mergers and acquisitions, technology import and introduction of talents and ten.
Fan Rende said, "12" will be the development of China's rubber industry is facing greater challenges critical period of five years, the world rubber Major power shift. Conscientiously implement the spirit of the country on the transformation of economic growth, adjust the mode of development strategy, China's rubber industry will be a big adjustment, The Great Transformation, major restructuring to enhance the quality, will greatly shorten the process to grow stronger with the world rubber industry The gap between the developed countries. Through 10 years of efforts to strive for "Thirteen" at the end to enter the ranks of the world rubber industry power.
Fan Rende again stressed that to achieve the goal of world rubber industrial powers, must implement the development strategy of the new materials, diversified market strategy, the strategy of low-carbon economy, circular economy strategy, rubber products, famous brand strategy, modern marketing mode strategy, mergers and restructuring strategy. The strategy of strengthening measures of the modern enterprise management strategy, technology and innovation strategy, talent strategy, and 10 rubber industry.
China Rubber Industry Association Executive Vice President, General Secretary Deng Yali made of rubber industry in China, in 2011, production and business operation and 2012 Analysis and Forecast "report. In her analysis, in 2012, both from the international economic environment and domestic environment of view, are extremely complex, challenging year. From the international debt crisis in Europe haze lingering, sluggish growth in major developed economies, the various forms of trade protectionism spread, coupled with election year political interests, priorities, etc., to increase the 2012 global economic growth difficult nature, complexity and uncertainty. Domestically, the industry is facing a market slowdown, overcapacity, the factors of production costs continue to rise, the export growth momentum has slowed down significantly, the enterprise funds are tight, energy resources and environmental constraints to further increase and industrial transformation and upgrading. With the deepening of the country's reform and macro-control work, the domestic economy will maintain steady growth. In particular, the auto industry has resumed its growth after the 2011 low tide, the Automobile Association expects 2012 auto industry growth rate of 8% is expected to lead the growth of the tire and automotive rubber parts. In addition, the basic driving force of China's economic growth pattern has not changed, there is still a large demand for rubber products.
Deng Yali is expected that the 2012 China's total industrial output value of rubber industry, sales revenue growth of about 18%, export growth remained at around 28%, on the whole is expected to show stable growth rate, structural adjustment progress pattern. Is expected in 2012, China's rubber consumption will reach 7.4 million tons, an increase of 7.25%, which consumes 3.4 million tons of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, four million tons. Industry profit growth pressure continues to increase, the level of profitability is difficult to have a big improvement. Its reasons: First, rubber and other raw material prices will remain high and volatile impact on the industry is relatively large; is the rising cost of factors of production; energy conservation requirements and continue to improve as well as the advancement of industry, green, businesses will pay more large costs.
This meeting to invite the State Council Development Research Center, the China Natural Rubber Association, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers Association, Alliance of Natural Rubber Producing Countries India Tire Manufacturers Association and other associations at home and abroad, as well as key enterprises at home and abroad entrepreneurs and experts around the theme make wonderful report, a detailed analysis of the 2012 China and the world rubber industry development trend of domestic and foreign industry, the supply of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other raw materials of domestic and foreign markets, consumer analysis, and how to seize the opportunity. cope with various challenges, and to better respond to the current difficult situation to provide timely, valuable information and guidance for the rubber business.

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