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China silicone bottle is officially released, the new silicone bottle of "small point" is expected to replace the PC bottle

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

      In the afternoon of June 18, 2011, by the Guangdong Province concerned about the next generation of working committee, the Guangdong Provincial Women's Federation to support the unit, organized by the Strategic Institute of Intellectual Property Culture of Guangdong Province "bottle innovative security upgrade" Summit Forum of China silicone bottle news The conference was held in Guangzhou. This indicates that China has independently developed the third generation of bottle - silicone bottle formal market, China will achieve a bottle safety upgrade.
Former deputy director of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, Guangdong Province, concerned about the next generation of Working Committee, deputy director of companion Zhiguang, strategic IP Culture Research Institute of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association Tang Shin, Guangzhou Children's Hospital, vice president Gong four , the Elodea Jian the Silastic Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Shiwei etc. attended the forum and jointly launched a nationwide bottle redemption "ceremony. At the meeting, Wu Shiwei, chairman of the Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center presented the 1000 "Little Dot" silicone bottle.
At present, China's bottle on the market two bottles, glass bottles and plastic bottles. Glass bottles in the 1920s, due to the fragility of the glass bottle, 1960s PC plastic bottle was quickly replaced. Polycarbonate baby bottles, light weight, non-friable, and has the advantages of high transparency, for a long time favorite of consumers. However, with the emergence of some time ago "premature infants" event, the safety of PC baby bottles began to be questioned.
It is understood that the EU clamp down since March 1, 2011 containing Bisphenol A bottle ban the production of plastic bottles containing bisphenol A, from June to ban bisphenol A plastic bottle imported into the Member States. Allegedly because of bisphenol A in plastic baby bottles when heated precipitation to the food and beverages, infant development, immunity, influential, induced precocious puberty, and even cancer.
China's Ministry of Health, six departments has also jointly issued a Notice that, since June 1, 2011, to prohibit the production of polycarbonate infant feeding bottles and other infant feeding bottles containing bisphenol A, quality and technology supervision departments at all levels will be in accordance with the law withdrawn and canceled the production of polycarbonate infant bottles license. This also indicates that the PC bottle will gradually withdraw from the market, the end of it for over 50 years of market dominance.
Currently on the market a variety of different bottle materials, but pacifiers are made with silicone. The so-called silicone baby bottles, pacifiers material made of bottle. The experts pointed out that silicone is the best, most reassuring bottle material, silicone bottle has a safe, soft, comfortable, washing disinfection convenient, high temperature, odor-free, portable, economical and practical and many other advantages.
By independent research and development of Guangzhou the Elodea health Silicone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. "Little Dot" silicone bottle is considered a new generation of the most environmentally friendly and safest bottle. The afternoon of June 9, "" scientific and technological achievements of the silicone bottle successfully Pregnant Baby Products Association of Guangdong Province in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province strategy Intellectual Property Culture Research organizations expert meetings. Experts, as new varieties of the bottle market - the "small" silicone bottle is the best alternatives to PC baby bottles (containing glass bottle), with good market prospects.
According to reports, the "small" silicone bottle to bottle and pacifier, food-grade liquid silicone are used, does not contain bisphenol A, safe non-toxic, healthy green; can be 200 degrees high temperature disinfection, durable, and to overcome the glass bottle exists risks; bottle is very soft, not broken beat, it will not misfortune to scratch to cut the baby, but also do not want to suck bottle baby fall in love with the bottle. Inspection Station of Guangdong Province Quality Supervision, rubber products, SGS, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and CTI detection, inspection indicators were in line with GB4806.1-1994, EN14350-2: 2004, U.S. FDACFR177.2600, EC Council Directive 9311EEC / European Commission Directive 200272EC standards.
Xinhua News Agency, CNS, Science and Technology Daily, Science Times, the China Enterprise News, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Nanfang Daily, Information Times, Express, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Southern Television and other media reporters attended the press release will.

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